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The Old Mill, Bodnant Garden, Graig, Conwy, Wales. Photo by Eirian Evans

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A beautiful puzzle sue. Thanks so much:-)


You're right eb, trouble with weather it's either too hot or too cold.
I will look up the website 48. I do like to know about the history of places I post. Thanks for that.
Thanks waxwing, it lifts the heart on such a dull, wet day.


What glorious color! Does my heart good on this snowy day. Great set today, Sue.


a very pretty place indeed Sue - here's a little more info and some pix of Bodnant Gardens that you might find interesting:



In a month or so we'll be complaining of the heat! LOL


I thought Spring had arrived on Wednesday. It was a warm sunny day but now it's wet with the possibility of snow over the weekend. I feel sorry for you folk because Winter has been harsh, it doesn't want to end. I hope the picture has cheered you up. Thanks Joyce and Rosemary, Spring's not too far off...Sue


Absolutely breathtaking!! I would love to take a walk through this garden. Thanks Sue!! :)))
................. ps/we just got a foot or more of snow last night/today so we won't be seeing flowers around here for some time yet!!!


Thanks, Sue, so much for beautiful garden scenes today. We're enjoying 30mph winds and snow! Can't wait for spring!!


They are beautiful gardens, worth a visit I think. Thanks dblay...Sue


What a beautiful picture sue. Enjoyed solving it very much.