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Mourning Doves

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From my window this morning


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I think the old style will disappear soon lajuin, I'm only using the new format and getting used to it. I don't like change myself, but that is what happens in this new world of technology!
Yes I like them too Marilyn, the call of the doves is soothing.


I remember lots of these mourning doves in Florida when I was growing up. My mom liked them.


Well, I hope that they don't dismantle the old style as I prefer it. I definitely prefer the sidebar menu rather than the footer or fooling around with the header.

I had an odd page when I came on today and it took me a bit of fooling around to get to the usual page..


David you and I must be on two different planets........I can solve and look at the puzzle without seeing any comments. If they put something in the description box, yes you can see it. However I just type my description here , press post and then publish the puzzle. The only difference I can see is the larger picture and print which is good. I'm kind of liking the new format. Plus it is taking my higher pixel camera shots. Am I missing your point again?


Sorry, Robbie, I was jes' venting! Some of the puzzlers post photos of, say, celebrities when they were young, with an invitation for us to guess who it might be. In the new format you can't "not see" the comments (you used to have to scroll down to read any comments), including guesses by people who've been there before you (and I'm always late to the party!). So my beef was not about writing comments but about reading them when you don't want to...


Hey mate thanks. Why should this bother any type of puzzle, you don't have to write anything about it. I don't quite understand what you are saying, I must admit that I am finding it ok for now. You want me to blow those guys up with my cannon? Sorry I can't, I like them!


I wrote some feedback on the new format and got the usual, "Thanks for having an opinion, we're going to do whatever we like."
Having the top comment appear with the puzzle really ruins the "guess" type puzzles...maybe if there are other guessers who feel the same way we can start a movement? But I don't expect success.
I see you changed the title successfully, Robbie. Nice going!


Hi SMor, I stretch the box and all the comments disappear!
Don't know anything about opening tabs, last time I tried something I blew up the computer!!
Information bar....OK.
So far more positives than negatives, thanks so much for your comments and help.


Lower right hand corner of the 'Post Comment' box, gives you an arrow to stretch the box so you can read all of your comments at one shot.....

Have you tried opening a new tab for your Google... Then go back and forth between Jigidi and Google... Both should stay where you left them...

Click on the 'Information' bar and it will minimize it.... Letting you see more of the page....

I'm trying really hard not to whine and complain yet...... but... nevertheless, I'm not thrilled with all of the new bells and whistles yet....

Hang in there, Robbie.......... Your photos are great, with a bonus of good fun comments.... Thanks mucho.... :) :)


Hi snooker, no I cannot do it like I did before. I could type some then go right into google, go all over the place then click all the way back and all was there. Not sure about max and min. I'll just have to write info down first. Thanks for your help.
OK thanks a lot PK, yes this is a great feature.


Not your cooking Robbie. That's one feature I like about the new format....

Robbie, I haven't found that my comment disappears if I google in the middle of it before I post. Just tried it again with this comment. I typed most of it and then minimized the page, googled, closed google and maxed the puzzle page again and the comment was still here. Keep trying Robbie. :)


He beat you to it chickie.
PPM, I'm really not sure when it goes online for all. I just saw the little blurb on the bottom this morning or yesterday. You're not a peasant by any means!!


Does anyone know when the rest of us poor penniless peasants will be allowed to use the new format?


LOL I thought that too david, but didn't want to mention it.


Thanks PKH, I have been using it tonight and getting the hang of it. I don't like losing my comments while I look up something on google though, that is annoying!
David not to mention the fact that all of the stars are drunk!! They are all leaning over like chookies the other night!


Does anybody else dislike the color of the stars now? So overwhelming...


The foramt takes some adjusting to, but once you use it, you'll begin to like it. Really! No birds about it!


Hey mate, thanks, these are Bermuda chickens!!


beautiful chickens you got in your garden mate!


Thanks JB, snooker and Hanne. We will have to get used to it whether we like it or not!! With helpful friends like all of you it will be a breeze!


Nice birdies, thanks Robbie!!

Nice photo and I like the new format.


Nice birds!

Juries still out for me!


I don't like the favorites list. You skim through it to see who's on easily, because the print is all the same color. Somehow they should highlite the 'online'. And like you, I don't like that you can only see a few comments at a time. DONE RANTING. SORRY.


Hi chickie, thanks, I'll try to save them some. As usual I opened my mouth and spout too soon. I just found that I can post my Greek pictures on the new format, I could not do it before. Also I can write a comment with the picture before posting. I just tried it with Jenny and the loquat. I do like the larger format except that replying to a lot of comments I have to scroll up and down a lot more, only 3 or 4 show while typing replies. I think we should really get into it more before complaining. I APOLOGIZE..........AGAIN!!!

PK I guess you see that, I will revise my criticism!!


They are waiting for some bread crumbs Robbie. I am not crazy about it either Robbie.


Hi Karls - Lela or the doves?!....Hee-Hee
Hi BJ, thanks, I had to open the window and screen and they just looked at me.
Hi PK, thanks. Yes I did and I want to convey my feelings to Magnus and Stefan before I spout. ( I don't like it!!)


Love it Robbie ..... Did you post on the new format??


Cute birds and they are so still for the photo.




Oh dear, hope I didn't hurt your feelings!


I see your comments are getting through the ether now!....


No animals are ever hurt from my window........funny looking people with big ears?..........Heh, heh, heh.......BRING OUT THE BOW!!!


I didn't know you were a hunter.......


The one on the right looks vaguely familiar, almost like a rotund Bubba!!