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Jakob Dylan of the Wallflowers sings Hello from Streetbeat San Diego

30 pieces
97 solves
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Yes you answered my question thanks Like. I was going to post my puzz along side yours but then thought that perhaps you were celebrating 2000 the day after like we did for 1000 and I set the alarm for the middle of the night/morning 2am I think it was. lol. I've got a theme for DYR and three puzzles. The link/theme is stars and roses of course, so whilst they are not going to be very challenging (well they might be for Neville lol), they will be getting into the spirit of the occasion, if you know what I mean. Well, you will see when I post them. It is midnight now so I'll turn in. :o)


Hi LC, Neat puzzle. I'd have to think the All-Star community will enjoy it. Sorry if my answer we astray. So yes, we have 2000. Heck 2010 now ;-)

Time for sleep. Long hot day and I was outside a lot so I'm beat. I'll check your reply in the morning. I hope you have the info you need.

And thanks for all your help and support.

I'm probably going to dream about Limmie and Family Cooking tonight ;-)


Like, the reason I asked about the 2000 puzz is because I had planned on posting this puzz after you've posted the 2000 one.


Hi there! I notice you have solved a lot of my puzzles - thank you for stopping by and doing them. I wanted to solve some of yours but notice you only have one! It would be great if you could do a few more, so I encourage you to do a few! Thanks for posting this one. Best Wishes to you and yours from very hot and humid England - we have a noisy thunder & lightning storm here while I type, and it's midnight, so I'm turning in!


Your daily rate of solving is impressive. You must achieve it by not commenting and by being mighty quick. And not having to work for a living. Do you take time to sleep?


Would you go ahead and start that 24,000 piece puzzle so it'll be finished before I die and I can see a photo of it on here!


WOW first place on Joan's million-plus solves puzzle. Roxanne was there for a long, long time. Congrats.


I don't know this person but I liked the puzzle so do some more please. Thx 4 this 1.


You have done your first jig without a hitch, well done, thank you:)


I hope you like my first puzzle.

They let us bring our cameras so I did. I got to sit on in the front row, then sneek up to the photograhy area. The latter part of the concert was standing next to the stage.

I have other pictures too. Let me know if you'd like other sizes of this puzzle and/or a few other pictures.