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My Chickens Turned into Fish!!!!! (and lobsters)!!!

35 pieces
97 solves
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Kirsten, I didn't "blend" them... I took them for a quick spin!!! Its not the same thing at all!!!!! I hope you're not too upset, I'd hate to cause that :~)


Mandy! You blended your chickens!!! Poor widdle chickens. LOL


Thank you Mary... I think the chickens must still be enjoying their day out!!! Who knew they could be so misbehaved??? Good job, your times are definitely getting faster :~)


LOL Wendy, there is something very fishy going on with this puzzle...
I've posted it in tiny size so you can see better what I mean...
goldfish, little green fish with purple googly eyes and turquoise mouths and lobsters...not to mention the large fish like tails making the points of the star!!! I want to know what those chickens were imbibing at their party???


Looks like they did it to her! I'll stick up for you, Mandy! I see some smiling faces in there, too, so they may be laughing about what they did! LOL 3:41 Thanks, Mandy!


Mandy, Mandy, Mandy! How could you do this to the poor chickens?????