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294 solves
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Hester, I just checked your actual time with others in this size puzzle and your time is REALLY amazing! It also means that chivee726's is amazing as well.

I'm not aware of what Froggy's pondweed can do, but if it can make you super fast, then drink more of it, but only if you're willing to have a hangover afterwards. Geeeeeeez, I remember those days.

It's so sad that your rugby team lost a match. I hope you can recover from the loss soon. LOL


Wendy , I'm having palpitations just thinking about whizzing around this puzzle like that! It's never, ever, ever happened before so I suspect you may be right. Growly may have been partaking of Froggy's pondweed and slipped some in my coffee... that could account for the monumental headache this evening...OR , that may be because Ireland got royally stuffed in the rugby and I have been out drowning my sorrows! which and whadevver....:-))


Holy Mackerel, Hester! You got a GREAT time! My guess is that Growly made himself some coffee with some added liquor, and then forgot about it. So you drank it....but like I already said, I'm only guessing. Hmmm, I think the only color I'd use on a wall is the green on the right-hand side. All the rest will have to be returned.

nigeline- I'm delighted that you enjoyed solving this....whether or not you were fast or slow. Thanks so much for dropping by to let me know. :-)


Hi, thanks for this colorfull puzzle. It makes me happy. I don't belong to the fast solvers, but really enjoyed doing it.


Good grief! Somebody must have slipped something in my coffee this morning!! Think I'll just nip out a run a marathon if I'm feeling this speedy today!! LOL. It seems you've moved on from the paint chips and are heading for a major redecorate!! :-))


Thank you very much, Lesley. I just checked out your puzzles and I love your "Diagonals" that you posted 4 days ago, so I had to come back here and edit my comment. :-)


Good puzzle Wendy.


Edie, I missed you at the top! Well, I think you still have at least one. :-)


Look quick, it won't last long. This one was great to solve. Thanks Wendy


I'm so glad, Billie. And I loved making it so we're even. :-)

Loved, loved, loved it.