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Inaccurate Clock

100 pieces
204 solves
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Magda, I had to change the title of the 400 piece puzzle because I could see that it was really hurting the number of solves. So now the big clock puzzle is just plain ol' "Clock."

whatnauts, I figured you'd like this one. :-)


A clever way to combine the theme with one of your master pinwheels. Thanks much.


Thanks Wendy for the explanation. I wanted to ask the same thing as Mandy. I am glad I did not try the 400 pieces. At least with this clock the time is cheerful. Thanks


Barb, you're right about guessing that it is for theme week, but I didn't even want to put the word "theme" in the title. I'm glad you noticed though. You love MY colors? Huh! YOU are the Primo Master of Colors/Colours. :-)
Anyway, after seeing your name, I just popped over and visited. :-)


Great puzzle for theme week, Wendy, but a real challenger. Thought it would be much easier but it took me over 9 minutes. Lots of fun though and I love all those colours. :-)




Whoa, and great time, Heidi! :-)


Heidi, I can't believe you said that! Immediately after responding to Mandy, I thought exactly what you just did. You're so right! :-)


What's so inaccurate about it? It's right twice a day!


Hey, you didn't even solve the puzzle yet, Ms. Mandy. Actually, it's 26 minutes past 2 o'clock in the afternoon, and since I posted this 16 minutes ago, it's off by over an hour.


It's got exactly the right time on it..... Wendy Time!! Thanks :~)