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Rosettes - KaleidoBOARDS!

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Fire is such a powerful force - it sparks, it jumps, it rages and it kill everything in it's path! Then the smoke is in the air for weeks! We get fires every summer. But, thank god, nothing like this!!
Thanks for letting me know you are safe, Kirsten!!


It IS awful. Again, we are safe, and the fire that was nearby has now been contained. I have never been closely threatened, but our Black Saturday fires were close enough for me. The air was full of smoke, and places we loved were nearly destroyed. But your family's experience was much more dire than any I've experienced.

It is a tragedy though, for those communities impacted.


Oh Kirsten - How horrifying. I had family in the middle of a raging fire last summer and it is such a terrifying thing. They had a wind change and some luck with retardant and it kept them, personally, relatively ok. But, they were out in the midst of it trying to help neighbors, etc. And, while it was in more than one state, it was nowhere near this size!!!!

I am so very sorry! And the map show just how extensive it is. What a tragedy for so many folk!


Oops! I missed your reply here Jan. Now that I'm doing the littlies, I find that my completed bookmarks fill up so quickly, that I don't always notice when someone replies.

The fires are terrible for Australia. In particular Tasmania, where the worst fires there destroyed more than 100 properties. There was 100 people not accounted for too, but as they complete their forensic searches and find no bodies (thank goodness), are putting it down to tourists who have left the area but failed to tell the authorities. Seeing the images though, takes me back to the devastation caused by our own Black Saturday fires that occurred very close to where I live, and impacted severely on some small communities nearby. At the moment the fires are impacting most in New South Wales (NSW), where many fires are still burning out of control. Even though there has been no loss of life at this stage, the loss of stock and property has been extraordinary. I think it would be 100,000 head of stock, and of course that would not include wildlife. And the property loss is very high too. One of the fires in NSW has a 44 kilometre perimeter, and another encompasses 16,000 hectares! Those numbers are nearly too big to comprehend! This picture graphically depicts the fire situation in Australia at the moment:

In terms of what's happening near us, last night we heard about a fire in a nearby area (about 10 kilometres away), but we are not under any threat by it, despite it neither being contained nor controlled. I'm keeping my eye on it, but I can't imagine that it will cause us any concern where we are. And the weather has been a bit kinder on our valiant fire-fighters today, as it a little cooler and less windy.

So, all in all, OK for us personally, but terrible for many parts of Australia.


Thanks so much, Mandy! I really appreciate the comment!


Simple, yet extremely effective, thanks Jan :~)


Thanks, Kirsten! How are the fires? I've been thinking about you a lot!


Well, this was simply wonderful! Thanks Jan. :)))


It really is as simple as that, Hanne. Sometimes simple is a nice change! Thanks so much!


I can't help thinking about paper cutting put on coloured paper!! Thanks so very much Jan!!


Glad you liked it, JC. Thank YOU!

Ardy - I try different solve techniques and usually go back to the ones I like and say heck with the time! Glad you enjoyed it anyway!


I tried something different in solving and I won't do it again. 3:05. I should have been able to post a much better time on this one. But the colors are so distinctive that I thought I could group the pieces and then they'd hop together - NOT. Thanks, Jan. Love the BOARDS.


Another fun one, Jan!