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The Wise Men need their camels

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You're welcome,Peahen. Thank you for coming by and adding another star to the board.


Your camels are beautiful. Thank you for posting.


If you have any tendency toward motion sickness don't go far on a camel!!!


I'm afraid it would!! But fortunately the poor creature stayed in Africa!! I've heard that it's a very special experience to travel on such a fellow!!


I rode one once in Egypt out to the pyramids. It would not have been my favorite way to travel. Wouldn't Greenland have been too cold.? I know the desert gets cold at night but not ice and snow cold. Thank you for coming by.


Those are wonderful camels, a camel has been a dream of mine for many years!! I was almost able to have one for our school in Greenland but my principal refused - with very much sorrow!! He would have liked it too!! Thanks so very much Ardy!!


I know that Fodus. He was about 2 at the time as it was shortly after the Wise Men's visit that the family fled to Egypt. After all, they were in the stable only because of the crowded conditions in the city. Once the census was finished there would have been no need to stay in those conditions. But the Wise Men are part of the Christmas story. Didn't want to leave them out.


The wisemen never came to the stable...they came to the house where the young child, not the baby, was.


You are very welcome, Francine, Pat, and Ank.


They are beautiful. Thanks


Gorgeous thanks for sharing Ardy


Great detail on your magnificent camels. Ardy, thanks for sharing with us.


I never measured them but I would guess the tall on to be about 6 inches perhaps. They are Hummels as well. They are big enough that they have to stay outside the stable!! LOL


Ardy - These are WONDERFUL camels. They are so beautifully detailed. And, they look quite large! About how big are they?
I love them! Thanks so much!