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Pinknblack from the Past. A Cameo Rose by Royal Albert

80 pieces
147 solves
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Thanks,Quilt. I know how much you enjoy these ones.


What a lovely cup and s aucer. The doilly is also a pretty one, very delicate. Thanks for sharing all your wonderful china puzzles.


Quartina, glad you found this one. I was thinking of you and wanted it extra special!!!!


Beautiful puzzle, pink . . . . love the lace!


Dearest unknown friend out there who bestowed me with a golden star this morning. I thank you with all my heart and I hope my puzzles live up to your expectations. I didn't realize that you could be given a star from another person. It makes me happy. I wish I knew who you were so I could put you at the top of my list of favorites. I will be smiling for weeks because of you and think good thoughts everytime I see my golden star. Bless you, my cyber friend.