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Checkerboard #2

100 pieces
293 solves
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Mandy, you're not sure? Then how sure am I? You like one better than the other, but then you like the other one better than the one you liked better first. OK I think I got it but I'm not sure if I'm sure. LOL


I like the one with the white background best au naturel, but with the black and white borders when you kaleido it. I'm not sure that helps' :~)


whatnauts, one of my folders is filled with different versions of this. When it came time to decide which ones to post, my brain went dead. I'm glad you liked the black background. LOL


What a fancy board this is, not to mention interesting.


I just got done asking you if you wanted me to pay for a new pair of eyeglasses (on the other puzzle). Now that I've got you here, which puzzle did you like better?


That's better, my eyes can see again!! Thanks Wendy :~)