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Early Birthday Greeting for Jason

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I hope you have a wonderful day of celebration for your birthday on Saturday.


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Thanks, Wayne.

I will see you on 15 June.

John and I wish you a great weekend :-))


I wouldn't miss it, Jason. Have a wonderful weekend.


Thank Wayne for the advanced birthday greetings.

Do drop by at my virtual birthday party that John will be hosting for me on 15 June.


Redina, You are in our thoughts and prayers in your loss.

Jason, Happy Birthday.


John and I used to celebrate our birthdays for a whole week. Now, we have decided not to celebrate our birthdays and just enjoy and be grateful and appreciative of everyday that we are alive :-0


I will drop in at some point, Jason.
I'm sorry you no longer celebrate your b.d. in real life. I still get excited about mine. ♥


Thank you, Judy for your advanced birthday greetings.

In real life, I no longer celebrate my birthday.

However, John will be posting a Virtual Birthday Party Puzzle for me on 15 June. Obviously, I will be the one posting the puzzle and writing according to his wishes
(since he does not have a Jigidi account).

You are cordially invited to the virtual birthday party this Saturday. I will post the puzzle at mid morning US time so that it will be 15 June night in my country and around 10am in America.

Best regards, Jason.


Happy Birthday Jason!
I hope you enjoy your birthday with lots of love and happiness! ♥


Thank you Robin for an advanced birthday greetings for my birthday on 15 June :-)

Thank you for your good wishes and for this peaceful puzzle.

I know that you will be very busy, so please, there is no need to reply to comments on this puzzle until next week.

See you next week and please take good care of yourself.

May the Lord watch over you and all your loved ones.

Best regards, Jason.

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