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Virginia! You tell me!

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I took this photo from the entrance gate to a farm in rolling wooded hills. The farm itself was pretty nice -a few cattle and a few horses that I could see. There were a few more out buildings and a barn and silo. The central entrance seems to be drive through. It looks like either a set up dor drying or all the siding is off, to me. You tell me!


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Nice old corn crib thanks ..


I grew up in MN also, and yep - corn crib. We used to climb up on them and sit on the roof. This one looks like it got a new tin roof so must be used for something yet.


Thanks JC You may have been gone for awhile but your still one fast puzzle solver!


good pic Warbler!


Warbler all the farmers say corn crib and so do I. It is off the ground so air can circulate all around the corn and keep it from molding. The building is in great shape. Nice find Warbler.


Thanks for the responses Trapper, Chickie, Georgia799, Gnt . That was my thought, also. There weren't many cows around, but that was now, not back when. Also the silo which you can just see in the photo is pretty big.


great photo of an old corn crib......used to keep ears of corn in both sides ...thanks for sharing this with us.....havn't seen on of these in a long time

When I was growing up in central Minn. this was used for putting corn in. The corn was picked as the whole cob. Was picked in the fall and put into the "Corn Crib" as pictured above. It didn't have sidings, this was that wind could blow through it to dry natural. Yes that is a "drive way" in the center of is corn crib and in the winter they could park some equipment in it. Then corn was not picked with combines like today. Looks like the corn crib has been well taken care of. Now in Minnesota you don't see these any more.


I was going to say corn crib. But...... there is no little thingie on top to drop the ears down into it. Then again it could have been there at one time, and the farmer might have taken it off to put the metal roof on top. And maybe...... he is going to put siding on it to make it more useful.

It's a corn crib. The corn is stored on the cob and is dried.