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happy winter solstice. Celebrate the return of the light

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Well she died through the night so it is very sad for us all, especially Karl who blames himself and for the other goat who is now alone


I'm sorry to hear that, June. Poor little thing, and so sad for you, especially now......


Hi Joyce and Lee thank you. Not a nice time of year apart from the celebrations. Our smallest goat is not expected to live out the night so we are all sad. she has liver fluke. Had all the jabs and medicine, Karl has been feeding her with good stuff but she fell over twice and couldn't get up. Also that will leave the other one alone for the winter, have to see how she goes on and maybe buy her a friend, they don't like to be alone and yet they didn't get on together so hard to say.

It is too cold and icy here in Indiana to celebrate,,,,,,but I'm sure I'll be in a better mood when the roads are clear. Wish happiness for all.


Great puzzle, fun stripes ... ''Happy Winter Solstice'' to you too!! Thanks June!! :)))
(time, 6:21)


oh er me too! I had forgotton about that. anyway enjoy getting two minutes lighter every evening


And a Happy Winter Solstice to you, too, June! Lovely layers--and I'm glad the world is still here for us to enjoy them in! :-)))