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sparrow in the branches

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A sparrow was also taking advantage of the burning bush yesterday, 2/1/13.


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Oh, my Laurajane, What an experience. I have not been happy to have a hawk frequenting our yard.

It is unnerving, and not what I want to see. The very first time I was astounded to see a big bird under the branches of an evergreen with its back to me devouring something or other. I usually don't want to see the Nature show on PBS anymore because of preditors going after prey, so obviously I don't want to see it in my yard. ; ) It is a swift dive they take and quite surprising.


I was eating lunch this afternoon and a hawk dive bombed my bird area in the back yard. I didn't see if he got anything, though.


Thank you, LauraJane.

I think their fluffed feathers really keep them very warm. I suspect this little bird was in the burning bush, lower branches, for protection from that sometimes visitor, the hawk. The purple finch were right out in the breezes yesterday.


Poor little guy looks cold. I bet he's glad he had your burning bush to take cover in.