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Weird Shaped Puzzle Pieces

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Robina, you, Mandy, and Sue are so cute! You pop up with comments on old puzzles often enough that I can't help but notice. I'm glad that my older puzzles aren't going to waste. :-)


Somehow I missed this beauty, it was a wonderful challenge, amazing colours and love the 3D effect! Hope you and your family are on the mend from that terrible flu, sounds awful!


What are friends for, Pat? You know I'm there/here for you. I hope everything works out....and especially on your birthday. Everything is supposed to work out right on birthdays. :-)

I'll 'talk' to you later on today.

On another note, save some birthday cake for me....and ice cream of course. ;-)


I'm on the iPad, as usual for this time of the morning, and it's soooooo easy to make things disappear! The screen is ultra-sensitive, and I may just rest my finger on the case, and it senses it, or just brush over something with my hand as I'm reaching for another icon, and "poof", everything is gone! Fortunately it's never a puzzle I'm creating, because I can't do puzzles--create or solve--here, but it could be a 5-paragraph email that I spent 15 minutes hunt-and-peck typing...... Thanks for the birthday wishes! I'm going to try to solve and comment on all the ones people make for me, but I'm not sure how the ongoing family problems are going to affect that--plus I have a dental appointment, having broken a crown..... But just know that I'm grateful to you for helping me through, and for being my friend!


LOL! First, Happy Birthday! I can't post any puzzles until 11 o'clock or somewhere around there....but at least I have your puzzle finished. :-)
Ohhhh, I hope you like it. I'm posting it in the THEMES category but I think I'll post other versions of it here.
Oh...and about the program I like- Sure enough, once again, after spending about an hour working on something on it, the whole thing disappeared. It's happened so many times now. The buttons are up at the top, and it's so easy to click the wrong one....and then Poof! You're better off not knowing what it is...and in fact, I'd be better off too because of the aggravation it causes me. LOL


As long as you keep using it to such wonderful end results, I'm more than content not knowing it and not having to wrestle with it, believe me!


Pat, as you know, I spent hours every day for quite some time searching for free editing programs. I use quite a few....all for different things....although most of the time I only use two. The one where I can do this is one that I won't tell anyone about....not even you. And anyway, this editing program drives me nuts because it's worse than even GIMP at being frustrating. And actually, GIMP has become easier and easier over time to use, whereas this one continues to drive me crazy.


Super fun puzzle! I don't know how you get the shapes to have so much 3D, but it makes it like an Escher drawing, with parts that look as if they're above one color also look below the one that should then be the reverse! (Confused yet? So was I! LOL!). Thanks, Wendy!