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For the same people as the little puzzle


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Thank you for sharing this with me. My eyes welled up with tears for all of us. Sometimes you have to experience a thing befor you can truly understand it. There is no doubt that you understand and know how sincere I am when I tell you I am so sorry you and Monique had to face this tragedy. I was overwhelmed at the reading of it. All of you are also in my mind with love, I have the added benefit, from reading just a few of your comments to others, that as a couple you share many of the things together that my husband and I shared,(and now including taking care of our parents) It makes me happy and brings back good memories. Just three weeks befor he passed he still loved to sneek up behind me and give me hugs! He was only 69 yrs,old! So hug a lot and stay happy! Thank You, Willy and Please take care of yourself!


Oh Mikki, you are also in my mind with love now! ♫☀♥☺


It makes me happy that my puzzles can relax you Mikki.
I know what you mean, I am also relaxing by creating them and I solve them myself to. It is working like a mandala for me, very relaxing.
But I know even more what it is when a person have dementia. My Mother in law was have it and was die from it a few years ago.
You are a very good and brave woman when you care about your husband by yourself.
Our Mother in law was living 3 months with us before she was going to a caring home, we know what you talk about. My Father in law was in the hospital at the same time with heart problems and he was died on a hospital bacteria in the hospital.
My mother in law was not complete realised about that, she was going more and more "far away" from us.
They are in our mind with love now.
Thanks so much Mikki and take care, ♫☀♥☺

Thank you Willy for this great puzzle, BUT----We all love you more! I can only wonder at what your puzzles have done for others. For me, they were my stress reliever for my almost solo caregiving to my husband, who suffered from dementia--at a way-to-young-age. I have loved solving jigsaw puzzles since I was a toddler!! As did our best friends, who upon learning of Jidigi, quickly put me onto it. They knew the calming effect that studying the colors, designs and just the simple plesure of it all- would have on me. They were so right! I thank them and am so grateful and thankful to you, for so many, many hours of stress relief. I have been going back and solving many of your puzzles from years back! Such fun! Yes, you have helped put fun back into my life and and no doubt the lives of many others. Bless you Willy!


Thank you luvbabymonster, you are most welkom,
Willy. :-))

thank you this was a lot of fun even if took me a while I enjoyed it


I thank you

Enjoyed your puzzle.......thank you.