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A bit of colour for a rainy day. :)) I

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You are always welcome to have some fun here and I'm sorry that I have so little time to visit other people's puzzle, but it is half past ten in the evening and now is my first and only chance at Jigidi today, apart from posting the puzzles in the morning and doing the odd puzzle I might chance across when I post. When I finish commenting it will be time for bed. :(( I hope that I'll get more time next weekend. :))
Thanks for your visit and always wonderful comments. :))


How cute and wonderful. Very nice composition and the small images are so cute. (My favorite is the top right)


I also loved the colours and the texture when I finished it, I'm happy that you had some fun solving it. :))


Oh, my Dagmar. That was the most delightful puzzle I've done in ages. I love the colours, and the frames around the edge of each kaleido, and the way they just about pop off the screen! Thank you so so much. :)))


Hi Ardy, good that I could bring you a bit of warmth with the colours, here it is also dark and gloomy, but as you know I really enjoy days like this, rain never lasts long around here. :))
We have planned to tramp off to the mountains tomorrow afternoon and I'm looking forward to living autumn live and to admiring the first snow on the mountains. :)) Have a nice afternoon and an even better weekend. :))


Thank you so much, Wendy. :))


Hi Hester, first I was also thinking about orange and lemon slices, but then I remembered sweets that we ate when we were small they had similar designs on them and sometimes it felt a pity to eat them. :))
I hope you managed to erode your mountain a bit by now, I flattened mine out, so now it can rise again. :))
Have a nice afternoon.


Gorgeous, Dagmar. It is a somewhat gloomy day here and damp and chilly - aftermath of Sandy I guess plus it's now November. Thanks for the day brightener. Enjoy your long weekend coming up. Are you ironing in town or in the mountains?


WOW, WOW, WOW, WOW! This is just INCREDIBLE, Dagmar!


Dagmar, who else but you would have thought of psychedelic lemon slices??
Genius! I'm loving this week's set!
Have a wonderful long weekend. I'm currently just taking a break from the European Ironing Mountain so I sympathise! :-))


Hi Kirsten, is the first of November no holiday in Australia ? Here we have got a lovely long weekend waiting for us, as well as a whole load of ironing LOL, so I'll leave the fun of solving your Mandalas for this afternoon. :)) Good night and sweet dreams and see you my tonight :)))


Oooh, I LOVE these kinds of puzzles! Thanks Dagmar. Alas, it must go in my bookmarks for now. But I hope to release it soon. Thanks again. And have a great day. :)))