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Reinvert Complicate

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Wow, Robbie! That my puzzle could bring to mind such a flambouyant event is remarkable! What an experience that must have been! You are more than welcome, my friend. I'm glad I could help bring back that magnificent memory!


Liberace and his dueling students! Jill this reminds me of his last performance at the Radio City Music Hall. I was walking down the road and someone offered a ticket to me. I was warned about scalpers but I bought it and had a great seat. He had a white grand piano like this one and at the end was surrounded by 10 of his students all playing grands. The show was so flamboyant with his numerous Rolls Royces coming in and out, his chauffeur wearing the same colours and all his different capes. There was lots of purple and designs which your puzzle depicts. I came back home and he died three months later.......(I had nothing to do with it!)
Thanks for the fun and great puzzle.


....... and gummy worms, lol! i'm glad you liked the composition, Shirley. I wondered if anyone would recognize the,piano keys. I was pleased,to see that you did! ... :-))


Love it Jill, pretty purple flowers, piano keyboards, and kaleidos, Thank you Jill.


Lol, fiestyfreddy, I can see that could be described as having Japanese influence;but, I must admit, I'm not humming the Mikado, especially not at 3:49 AM! You are more than welcome!


Great puzzle! Don't know why but I'm seeing Janapese influence and humming the Mikado! Must be my herbal breakfast tea!! :-) Thanks for this!


You are very welcome, Suzanne! I'm glad you enjoyed the pattern.I love your Escher-like puzzles!!!


Lovely puzzle! Great pattern! Thanks for posting : )


Thanks, Jo! Those are very kind words. I encountered that same bend, lol! I'm so glad you like it, my friend!


Took me around the bend a few times, but was a delight to see finished, and up close!! Wonderful blend of designs and colors!! Great job Jill!! :)