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San Francisco Sunset at Coit Tower

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I reckon SLOG would understand that. It is a bit of a phallic symbol


When we toured there the guide commented that Lillie loved firemen and that Coit's Tower was erected in remembrance of their "friendship"! (Hee hee)


Hi Joyce and littlebuttercup thank you I rather like the pink sky. i love HDR pictures even if they go over the top they can be calmed down a bit in photoshop

Thanks, June, for helping to educate me about HDR photography! I had never heard of it. Something new every day.


Great puzzle, lots of color. What a wonderful monument; it looks like a ''straight'' leaning tower of Pisa!!! Must be why the Italians stored their tomato sauces there. LOL Thanks June!! :)))
(time, 4:09)


thanks little buttercup, it's an unusual picture taken by one of my favourite photographer's in HDR, and yes it is better than a road. Wouldn't mind one of them when I go:)

Thanks for this interesting shot, noggin. The city fathers considered using Lillie Coit's bequest for a road in Marin County, but instead wisely created a landmark for SF. She would have been pleased. Sited on Telegraph Hill, Coit Tower was said to be where the many local Italian eateries stored their tomato sauce. (For more info, see Wikipedia.)