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Have you ever heard of a holiday called Clean Out Your Computer Day? No? It was started by people from the Institute for Business Technology back in the year 2000 and it's been celebrated by computer enthusiasts ever since. Here are some ideas that will help you celebrate it.

~ Organize Your Files and Folders
~ Delete Junk Files
~ Eliminate the Dust


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LOL! There are always files to organize in my life! Thanks whatnauts :~)


Great reminder. I'm sure I could find some files to organize. (1:31)


Thanks PJ, I only use Google!!
PJ, Wendy's "Ahem" was reminding me that my files and folders are not as organised as they might be... I'm sure you're much better organised... being a librarian!!


Mandy - you're a marvel in finding these interesting "Days". I do both cleaning and clearing at irregular intervals - but thanks for the reminder.

Wendy - I have only a vague idea of what this means : "Mandy, I celebrate this one every single day by running CCleaner. It does a marvelous job. And after I run CC, I run Auslogics Disk Defrag. About organizing files and folders" ??? Do I need PC update on ????


Just occasionally I leave my browser open for a few days while I'm working on something, and it builds up. Re the Ahem... I know Wendy!!


1000 MB's? Whoa! I keep up with it enough that it will never get that large. The "ahem" was meant for you more than for me. ;-)


HAP = husband approved programme!!!
MB = megabyte


Somehow, from your last comment, Mandy, I think you know just a TINY bit more about this than I do, no?!!! I don't even know what HAP and MB mean...... :-DDD


That's the HAP that I use, it's staggering how many MBs it clears after I've been on Jigidi for a while!! Once it was over 1000! I'll ditto the Ahem , but can't find the speech marks on my tablet! I'm glad you mentioned CCleaner, I didn't, because I don't want people to think I had any ulterior motive.


Mandy, I celebrate this one every single day by running CCleaner. It does a marvelous job. And after I run CC, I run Auslogics Disk Defrag. About organizing files and folders- all I can say is ahem. ;-)


Katie's, that sounds very industrious... I remember shaking out a keyboard at work once and a whole packed lunch fell out!! Thanks for enjoying the fun :~)


Thanks Pat, snap! I just about manage to clear out my cookies regularly, using a husband approved programme... anything else I ask him to do!


I guess I better run out to an office supply store and get some canned air for the keyboard. Thanks for another interesting, and industrious, day Mandy!


If I ever tried to clean mine out, given how little I know about computers, I'm sure I'd end up with a computer that couldn't function at all...! I'll leave that chore to the rest of my family, who are not Luddites.... :-)))


That's good Ardy, I would have liked to do the Make a Friend Day puzzle, but just couldn't think how... and didn't want lots of pics of people hugging! This site is certainly wonderful for meeting fabulous people, long may the fun last :~)


Now I understand your comment on Pat's puzzle, Mandy. I like "make a friend day" too. I've made so many on Jigidi. It's so very wonderful. Thanks so much for all the fun.


Thanks Pat :~)


Good one Mandy ....


Magda, I do not think I would ever want to make a Clean your Apartment" puzzle! No-one would solve it! These celebration days are not my ideas, they are all officially recognized days, like Christmas and Valentine's Day, but probably not so well known! My idea was to make a puzzle to represent each day, so we have something to celebrate every day... In fact today is also White Shirt Day; Don?t Cry Over Spilt Milk Day and Make a Friend Day! I picked this one because I couldn't decide how to represent any of the others in puzzle form - LOL!


Thanks Barb, the problem with sensible is that even when we know it, we don't often want to do it!! Although I try to keep my computer clean more often than once a year... its saves time in the long run :~)


Oh no... mine is brand new, and no need to take risks. And I am glad you did not say: clean apartment day. I would not have liked that. This series is very amusing, I wonder when you will run out of ideas!


Now this is what I call a very sensible holiday, Mandy, one we should all celebrate and follow your tips. Clever presentation and an enjoyable solve, thanks! :-)