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Sea Urchin Dandy!

49 pieces
88 solves
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I don't know much about sea urchins, but I sure loved the combination of colours and patterns. And I like the frayed out border you used here it goes perfectly well with the image. :))


Thanks JC and Hanne! I appreciate your comments!


What a gorgeous effect you have got here!! Thanks so very much Jan!!


Fun one, Jan!


Katie - thanks so much. I am starting to like that bubbled edge, so you will see more. I'm glad you liked this!

Diane-so-COLD - I feel your pain! I wish we'd get the real Spring! But, we have to do all we can to bring our sunshine to Jigidi. Thanks so much!!

Hester - thank you so very much, my friend!


Just beautiful! :-))

Loved to solve this really neat puzzle. Love the out line of the star-Thank you. DIANE FROM COLD N.J.


This is absolutely gorgeous Jan! The bubbled edge really adds to the underwater feeling. Thanks!


Thanks so much, Michelle! I love being in the ocean, so these colors just naturally call to me. I am so glad you liked this one. And LOOK, you are still there!

Ardy - Thank you so much. I'm glad you enjoyed this. And, those two weeks will go by WAY too fast and I'll be back in no time.

Janine - What a lovely picture you paint in words. Thank you so very, very much!

I love the sea urchin design.....I've seen plenty, so it sure looks like it. The star shape is
definitely a plus. The outer purple area looks like a frilly and lacy pillow. But the whole
design looks like a "gem from the sea".......BEAUTIFUL........Janine.


This makes me think more of starfish than sea urchins but it is definitely underwater. Beautiful, Jan. Thank you. I'm sure going to miss you for those two weeks.


In the coral reef...lovely, Jan! I love teals and blues and the purples are the best complement. (And would you look at that...momentarily top of the leaderboard!!). ;-D