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Mellow yellow, and blue and green and.......


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Thanks, Aishahm--it turned out to be a medium monster for me--one that took me what seemed like forever to come up with a strategy for, but which then worked out when I recognized certain little clues... :-)))


Oh, Pat the new puzzle is lovely. Can't wait to get started. As for the Gollum puzzles, they are always nice too. I have done a few and I know there is still one or two bookmarked.


And I just created one I'm calling "Tile Monster!"! I'm posting it tomorrow, out of sheer perversity, I suppose! It won't be a tugman terror, but it will be hard. And I'm NOT mentioning it to try to make you feel that you have to do it--I would never want anyone to commit to solving anything--even a 30-piece puzzle--out of obligation! It's just that I finished setting it up right before I checked for comments, so it was funny to find yours!

After I finished that one that we both bookmarked, with the colored rectangles stretching up to the sky, I actually went looking for a "normal" monster to do, and found several of juneshone's "Gollum" profile ones that I hadn't done yet. I especially love her Saturday version of the Gollum ones, but any of the selection box ones she makes are great fun, for a nice challenge that doesn't take 5 hours!


Okay, now I know we are crazy. We work multiple monsters at the same time. I finally finished the blue tiles but I haven't gone back to the candy monster. Thought I would take some time and work on some of the less time-consuming ones I had bookmarked.


It's why I never get around to cleaning the house, never mind a closet, Marianne! But after all, as soon as you finish cleaning anything, something or someone comes along and it starts to get dirty again--but once you do a puzzle on Jigidi, it stays done for all time! LOL!

I saw the new candy ones, Aishahm, but I'm struggling enough with the first one, and the 2 tugman ones (tiles and gold fabric)! I cycle back and forth among the 3, and don't seem to be making any progress anywhere... Sigh...... !


Pat, this was a nice break from the monsters. BTW, did you see that there is another candy monster and a candy mini-monster. I'm still working on the first one.


Thank you Pat! and this is why I never get around to cleaning out the closet in the office...