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Cool Pool (Large)

324 pieces
475 solves
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Absolutely! Welcome home!!!

Vermont Castings, I bet. I have one too but don't get to use it much anymore.

I so understand EVERYTHING you just said. May I come stay with you?


I actually love shoveling snow, and lighting our wood stove, which has a screen so that we can use it as a fireplace when we're in that room and want to look at the flames, and if we didn't lose power so often, and if the trees didn't fall and the roads didn't ice up, I would love winter too! I love to cook, and winter is much better cooking weather, with hearty meals and the house filling with the aroma of stews and casseroles, and the heat of the oven warming the kitchen.

Where I live in New York, we're not as well-prepared as Buffalo, say, but we still get enough snow that we take it in stride, and the roads get cleared and people pretty much know how to drive. And I couldn't live where there was no autumn, either...

What I hate is when the snow has been around for a long time, and all the streets are lined with ugly snow--snow piles capped with dirt and pebbles and chunks of asphalt from the plows misjudging the curbs. Then I can't wait for either a warm--melting--spell, or a 1-inch fresh fall to make everything pristine again...!

I've also lived in the deep south. Hate the heat. I know I'm weird on the subject, but I love winter -- including the snow. Not so thrilled about ice, but you get more of that in the south. Around here, when we do get snow, it paralyzes everyone for a few days, then it warms up during the days, the melt turns to ice overnight, and then we end up with days of muddy mess. Give me a hard freeze and snow (and drivers who know how to cope with snow) any day.

And I agree, autumn may well be my favorite. I missed it down south.

Finally, I'm not surprised by the popularity of this puzzle. It's pretty, it's colorful, and it's different. I couldn't have not done it.


That switch in weather really messes with both my mind and my body--it's great that you didn't take three hours, under the circumstances! Thanks for stopping by!

It only took me 1 hour 3+ minutes. lots of fun. Here in North Alabama, we had the heat on on Thursday and the AC on yesterday


Yes, it still surprises me, especially because I posted it in 3 sizes, so it wasn't as if people had no choice but to do this big one if they wanted to solve it. Who knows why, whatnauts?! I'll take it, though!!!

Thanks so much, Anne--glad you had fun with it!


Pretty pool Pat. Trickier than it looks but lots of fun. Thanks.


Yes, considering the difficulty of this one, the amount of solves is amazing. I managed a few large ones today as well - this one took the longest.


As long as you had fun, we're cool! :-)))

I did 3 biggies today--a gollum (juneshone) at 361, a Wendy (400), and a Sue (374)--the dots one, which was the monsterest of them all! A great day on Jigidi! And I can't believe the solves on this, and the fat red tire one! YES! :-DDD


Well that was quite the workout at 51:14. But I enjoyed every minute :)


I would gladly give up both hot summers and really cold and snowy winters for something more temperate, but I would never want to give up autumn! I think it's the most beautiful season, even though spring is lovely, and a relief. But fall colors are my favorites, much more than the spring pastels. As far as rain goes, I wish it would! Well, not really, but if it would just come during the night only, that would be nice...!

Thanks so much, everyone--I'm glad you enjoyed this, and I will make more of them in the future. I've made many grids in the past, but haven't been doing them much recently, with more swirls instead. But I won't forget about them now!


This was lovely, much like the weather here recently in the Heart of America. Cool, crisp mornings with fall leaves beginning to turn. Thanks for posting this for us...more please?


Please can we have some more ??? This was super fun, loved the bright eye-catching colours ~ and the shape of the grid. Many yhanks for making it for us :)
And joining in on the weather chat ~ 8 degrees C (46.4 F) and has been persistently pouring with rain for 2 days in Glasgow, yuk :(


Ha! I'm at 39 minutes and 40%. But I'm not giving up. Thanks for this larger size.

I grew up in New England and would dearly love to be living there now. Instead, I'm in the Mid-Atlantic region. Ever longer and hotter summers and mushy winters. Nice falls, though.

Somehow, I,ve neglected to say how much I like this puzzle. Very pretty and colorrul.


I live just north of NYC, jranders, in upper Westchester County, about a 20 minute drive to the Hudson River. Neighboring towns include Chappaqua (home to the Clintons) and Ossining (home to Sing Sing Prison)!

I made this puzzle in Paint, actually, with pretty much the same colors, and then I played with it in LunaPic, whatnauts. I was originally going to post the Paint one, in 3 sizes, but decided to go with the LunaPic version, which was almost the same, because I needed one more small one yesterday. I had no idea it would be this popular! But I really always did want to post a medium and a small--having 2 requests for it was the icing on the cake!


Any day above zero celsius during the winter is a big bonus in my area. More likely in the minus 20's or worse. Ugh, I shudder just thinking about it :(

PD, I'm thrilled to see this puzzle posted larger today. I was so hoping someone would ask for a larger version. I was barely here yesterday, just posted a couple of comments as you know, but I was so tired, I couldn't read all the comments on the puzzles I bookmarked for today.

This puzzle is terrific and I'm looking forward to solving it.

Love all the weather comparisons. PD, where do you live? At least for now, our weather sounds similar -- yours may be a bit colder.


59 degrees is the middle of winter weather for you?! Sheesh! When it finally gets that warm in the early spring, we walk around with no jackets, because it's such a big change from what it's been that it feels like summer! Middle of the winter weather where I live is great if it stays above 32 degrees (your 0 degrees) most of the time--which it usually doesn't!

Anyway, thanks, Denise--and I hope you enjoy this!


really looking forward to this Pat. You come up with such interesting puzzles!
Here in Melbourne Australia its 15 degrees (59 degrees for you farenheiters) and raining. While you might think that's not too bad - its spring here and that's what we would get in the middle of winter! But Melbourne weather is very changeable. There's an expression we use here " don't like Melbourne weather - wait two hours". It is expected to be around 24 ( 75 degrees) on the weekend - bring it on!


Thanks so much, ladyslipper.

I just completed tugman's latest myself, siouxzn--brought it in under 2 hours--barely! I can't imagine doing more than 1 in a day!!! It's w wonder you're still conscious...!It's in the low 50's here, and a hot bath looks more inviting than the pool, definitely. Thanks so much!


Correction, "tugmanesque", I'm lucky to be able to spell my own name today, I just completed 3 tugmans. :-)


That was tugmanesk for me, a real challenge. Its 62 degrees here in the high eastern desert of California, my pool doesn't look at all inviting. Hats off to Amy, apparently, Florida's weather made a difference. :-( :-)


great puzzle thanks




Oh Pat, I am sorry. I will send some sunshine and warmth your way, it may just take a few months to get there. :-((

We are expecting a high of 85 here in Florida today.


It's in the inner pocket of my down parka--give me a sec to take off my mittens to get it...! Oh, Amy, I'm cold just thinking about what you said! :-)))


Lovely dip in the pool this morning. Thank you, Pat! Anyone have some sunscreen?? :-)


For JaneDoe and Chilisand--enjoy!