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Utah badlands

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Trying again! Sorry about all those question marks :(
I cut and pasted from Word and this happened. Should be OK now!
OK, I?m totally mystified. In order to publish a puzzle these days, I?m required to attribute the image or claim that I have permission to use it. Whatever I do is then published along with the puzzle, under the heading INFORMATION.
My puzzlement (!) stems from the fact that I seem to be the only person who has to do this. Everyone else?s puzzle appear in the same way that we?ve always been used to. I?m missing something here but, after several weeks of cogitation, I still haven?t discovered what all the rest of you seem to know!
Those of you who have checked out my jigs will know that I almost never use any of my own images (I don?t have many ? don?t even own a camera). I pick them off the Internet sometimes, but most often get them from pps slide shows sent to me by friends and relatives. I rarely know who ? if anyone ? owns the copyright to any of these images. If I do run across a copyrighted image I don?t use it.
However, I don?t feel comfortable claiming that I have permission to use these images. I don?t receive any complaints, but that doesn?t necessarily mean that I have received permission.
Jigidi Help is of no help in this circumstance (nor would I expect it to be!!!). So??can someone set me straight? Please and thank you ?.


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Francine and Patti: smiles.


Thanks Colin; I might be tempted to do that once in a while. As you said - being disingenuous.


Thank you, Colin, RH, & Francine, for all your help with this issue!


Thanks, Francine. I'm only too happy to give credit to any copyright owner/artist/photographer if I can clearly identify them. My objection arises from the fact that Jigidi makes no allowance for the trillions of images on the internet for which no copyright is claimed - in effect, blocking us from using such images or else obliging us to tell what a very good friend of mine recently called a whopper! Heck, I haven't told a whopper since I was 7 years old :).
I'd suggest that you go ahead and post as you used to. Just stay away from images that are clearly IDed. If someone pops out of the woodwork and says: "Hey, that's mine!" it's easy enough to apologize and Stefan will remove it anyway. Meanwhile the rest of us can continue to enjoy your posts!


Colin, though obviously not pleased you've had problems with this issue, I appreciate your broaching the subject. Last year, I approached, via email and Facebook, at least six different artists asking for permission, informing them I would give the link to their sites. I too received no responses.

The previous year, Stefan deleted some of my puzzles because of an artist's complaint. Stefan was very polite with me and consequently I stopped posting internet images. I've gotten totally confused and frustrated. How is it that an image can be located in the section 'Free ...whatever...' but still be under the 'may be copyrighted' umbrella? It cannot be both!


Thankfully, some parents and grandparents are open-minded, but most likely those who are may not be expressing those thoughts in a public forum or expressing them as often as the naysayers. It seems, at least in my country, that the most vocal, or at least the very strident, also seem to be the least enlightened.


I have reached a stage in my life, roseheather, where i no longer concern myself with what others do or don't do. I, too, gave my life to teaching - school and university - but I have yet to fathom how adults react in terms of their own interests or those of others. Consider politics and power.

Children and young adults are open-minded, for the most part. Wouldn't the world be a better place if their parents and grandparents were the same way? If they were, there would be no difficulties with the concept of "ownership" of an act of creation :)


My daughter is a professor at a small college and I was a teacher in a high school. We saw or see too many who do not understand about crediting their sources. I suspect that some, who you wondered about before, really do not understand about rights of "owners" of am image, or perhaps are willing to risk the use of something anyway.


Yes, I too have asked and not received a reply so I have not used the image. With the photos from my local paper, besides crediting the photographer and giving the link to the paper, I also sent my puzzles to the managing editor and he liked the use of their photos.

I just learned how to turn on our digital camera late this summer. I was using pictures my family took before that. I really enjoy being able to capture my own pictures now, even if only through the window. ; ) I've taken photos from the windows in the house and also through the car window when we are out.

I used a very basic camera when our children were little, then my husband bought one with settings to replace the basic that died. I rarely used that one. Too much to remember with that camera.


Thanks, roseheather. Whenever I use an image , knowing the source of it, I always give credit - even before this new format was introduced. I think it's also legit to suppose that many images rec'd over the Internet and where the source is not specified are in the public domain. I have tripped over that root only once and apologized immediately. I have also contacted several holders of copyright for permission and rec'd NO answer, yea or nay. As a result, I did not use those images.

Myself, I don't own any images, except for a few drawings/paintings that I have created. I rarely post any of those. I think, however, that I'm conscientious about not stealing the work of others :)



During December I used some pictures from our local paper, and put the link to those pictures in the "attribution" area, where there is a space for the http:// , but because they were pictures I also put the photographer's name in the "attribution" blank space. Then in the section that asks for "specify copyright details" I used the one that says: "I am required ... "

I have noticed that some are saying in the attributes line that it was either from an e-mail or from facebook, or something like that. Some images should be okay, IF you can provide the link to it, but I too have been seeing a good number of things used for puzzles with no credit given. I can't do that, as you have said that you can't either. It would be dishonest to do otherwise. I do know that when I have used my own pictures, or ones that my husband took, and use the "I own the rights ... " then it doesn't even require any entry into the "attribution" block.


YW, Patti. I'm just glad the "puzzle" (ahem!) is solved :). BTW, The irritating INFORMATION section that has disappeared from the published puzzles remains in the My Puzzles component. Odd, but I don't mind it there, where it's visible only to me.


Oh! Interesting, Colin! I'll check it out. Thank you!


Patti, something has changed. I clicked on "I have permission...." and the segment that was so bothering me has disappeared from my published puzzles. That's new - to me, at any rate - and means that I'm not making any public claims re attribution. Disingenuous, perhaps, but we're being obliged to do that if we want to publish.


Patti, I think I'm on to something. I'm gonna try 2 more jigs to check whether I'm right or wrong!


I agree, Colin. I spent only a few minutes trying to discover anything that said "Creative Commons License," and gave up. I felt the same way as you. I don't how most people are doing it.


What's really infuriating is that you can go to Most Recent Puzzles right now and see whole bunches of puzzles that have no INFORMATION section and no attribution segment. I'd like to know how they do that!


Thanks, Patti :). I'm getting to a point where it's becoming very discouraging to try to post interesting/attractive images. How can I look for images with a Creative Commons license? I have no idea what that means - never seen such a thing in my life! Plus, most of the images I post are anonymous - but there's no allowance for that in the options offered by jigidi. To my mind, the answer you received to your email is a copout, a non-answer. Pity.

I'm glad you tried and I'm really grateful for your info. Thank you :)))


Beautiful puzzle, Colin!
Colin, I had the same question & reservations, so I e-mailed the jigidi guys with the question. You can do the same, or else for a short version of what they told me, they said, "Look for images with a Creative Commons license. Often you can post these if you use the attribution fields." But I decided to take the easy way out and use only my own photos. I would love to know if you find an easy way to do this because I don't always have new photos to post.


These are Nicelands to my eye, but I'm not thirsty and don't need shade right now. Great photo


Nice one Colin this is int eh spring when the rain came.


I have the same situation you do,as far as having to attribute photo to someone or have permission. In my case, I usually only publish my own photos.

The Badlands don't look bad at all do they.


thats a beauty colind!