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Paper Wasp & nest .

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Thanks Monica. I've seen paper nests that are much bigger than this - not a pretty sight!!
They sure are mean biters gnt. Thanks for commenting.


I know the kind U R talking about monica same big ones in Arkansas when I lived there.....Had one attack me and stung me right in the face ...was so potent it dropped me to my I learned to stay away from them LOL


Oooohhhhh wow!! I've always wondered what the inside of a wasp nest looked like! It's not what I thought it would look like! And, this one is much smaller than the ones we used to have to deal with in Texas! Those were HUGE and so very UGLY! This one is actually kind of cute! Looks as if most of the eggs have already hatched too! Great shot Rob. Thanks!


LOL!! Thanks Meadowhawk :)))


Ooooo, I love this one - such a wonderful close-up and it's so neat to see inside the cells! :)


I'd have a BIG lens pg!! Thanks.
When they build one in the wrong spot nearby, we use a rolled-up piece of newspaper that we light. The flame makes them drop really quickly & then we kill them. Thanks Trish.


i like the sling shot sprays that shoot 25 feet. that works for me. sorry mr/ms wasp. i am not happy to share my space. sorry...


Does not look like a friendly fellow and I would not get too much closer without a glass between us.


Noooo way Shirley!! I 've accidentally bumped one & they chase you!! Thanks.


Don't ever touch their nest, Thanks, Rob.


I think the parent looks ready to strike the photographer!! Thanks chickie.


LOL The funny thing is there are baby ones looking out that look just like the parent. Their expressions are killing me! LO


Thanks naner.
I'm not sure Trish - could be anything!! It's definitely not spinach tho :))) Thanks.
Glad you enjoyed it fileusa. Thanks.


I guess it makes it's own nest. But how well it keeps the eggs as they develop in different stages. Amazing stuff to learn about. Thanks for posting. Rather interesting.


what a cute nursery maid there! what is on its nose? food, egg, paper? bee-zarr! thanks robyn! interesting to see the several stages in the nest.


Interesting photo!