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I do shut it down. This was a house-wide problem. We have 3 computers-2 desktop and 1 laptop. None of them connected with the internet. We had to buy a new modem. Now my husband's computer and the laptop work, but not mine. It says it needs a certificate?!?!? A friend who works on our computers is coming over tomorrow morning to see if he can fix it. If not maybe I'll get a new computer:) Big smile, but probably wishful thinking. I can think of several options I want on a new computer including a slot to put in the chip from my camera.


Gail, do you regularly shut down your computer? If not, you might want to try rebooting - shut down and restart. That often resolves problems. When program updates are made they sometimes don't work on your computer until you do that. Hope this helps!


Thank you, Katie. I have several others from the same image I may be posting soon as I can't get onto my computer yet. It won't connect to the internet.


Hi Gail, I really like this one - it's very dramatic!