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49 pieces
86 solves
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Good for you, Mimi., I have too. It should be an interesting night. I'm so glad you think the puzzle is grand, my friend! .... :-)


Hooray for the red, white and blue! I already voted, my friend. This is a grand puzzle but I don't know what the "mix" is. Whatever it is, I like it!


You are so welcome, Hanne. I appreciate your noticing the mix; it was a lot of fun to design! ... :-)


What a fine mix, Jill, thanks so very much!!


LOL!! I should have prefaced this with "to my friends in the USA".I feel so close to my Jigidi friends, I don't think,of the fact that so many live on the other side of the globe. I'm still awed by the what the computer enables us to do!
Thank you for voting for my puzzle, lol. I'm glad you liked it, dear Shirley! ((Hugs))


I vote for Jill's puzzle, good one jill, Thank you.