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Azalea-Radiant Red

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OOPS! So sorry Mamacita' I didn't realize there was a comment from you on this one until now! Spring is definitely here, flowers are beginning to pop up everywhere, that is except in our gardens! We'll need to refurbish both front and back yards, pull out all of the dead plants and weeds before we can even begin to plant anything new! It's going to be a lot of hard back-breaking work but when we're done it will be absolutely gorgeous and well worth it! I don't think anyone has heard much from Gary these past few weeks as he's been working both jobs non-stop! He's soooooo tired all of the time, the poor guy, I feel so very sorry for him as his second job is supposed to only be part-time on call but lately they've been scheduling him full-time hours! I sure do with that they would back off some and give the work to someone else who really needs it!...But you know what,I'll definitely be getting that garden that I want...Teeheehee.......................


Thanks Monica. I hope Spring is there where you are, too. How is Gary? Haven't seen him in awhile. Hope it's just work----LOTS of work so you can have your garden! Teeheehee!.........................

Jacques, you sweet man, thank you so much. I want you to know I saved the bouquet you gave me awhile back & still visit it from time to time. I was working on something for you but had to put it aside. Every time I blink it seems something else comes up demanding my attention for several days---and I thought I was supposed to be allowed to loaf & goof off in retirement! But I'll get back to it---AFTER I plant 4 more small trees & bushes, put together & place an entryway arch for my clematis which are already coming back fast, AND replace my waterbed mattress. The one I have is 27 years old & has sprung a leak somewhere. For an old broad you wouldn't believe the life I lead! ~sigh!~..................




Absolutely beautiful Ann! Spring is finally here at last!


The latest freeze we had kinda knocked a lot of the azaleas out. These bloom a little later so the buds weren't as far developed & came through it better. Thanks, Hanne...............


My comment disappeared or was never sent!! This richness of buds promisses a wonderful sight in a little time!! Isn't it fabulous?! Thanks so very much Ann!!


You're very welcome, Tex, and the bouquet sounds lovely. My irises aren't 'awake' yet or I'd try a bouquet, too................


I love these flowers in a bouquet with irises. They're so beautiful! Thanks, Annie.