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The turtle from this morning.

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Yes I was lucky Ank, thanks.


lovely, a great chance that you could make this photo


Yes they are fun to watch in the water, thanks Marilyn.


He's a good size. My boys always liked it if there were turtles when they were snorkeling.


Yes it does, that is some of the turtle grass that they come here to feed on. Fascinating to think that they will stay here for up to 15 years as juveniles then take off to breed where they were born, sometimes a thousand or more miles away! Thanks Morris.


Blends right in, doesn't it?


Hi Mimi, thanks if you buy the soup in the states it will be a mock turtle soup, yes.
Hi yellow, yes they were following!! Thanks.
BJ the water is cooler now, mid to low 70s, that is why it is so clear. Thanks.


If this is as deep as you said, than the water here is very clear. Water still warm?

How cool, Robbie . . . looks like Leonardo to me, surely Raphael, Michelangelo & Donatello can't be far behind !


Lovely picture, I love the color of the water there. I can see the turtle just fine. The kind that are used in soup are born in packages at the grocery store. I'm pretty certain about that!


Yes Hanne, I will have to ask the turtles to take a breath when I am taking their picture.......Just like Jenny.......Doesn't listen nor pay attention to me!!!!.......


Hard to see but anyway, must have been a great sight!! Thanks so very much Robbie!!


Yes treker, they swim all around our dock area mostly within 100 yard range but come right to the dock once in a while. Bermuda is one of the favourite feeding grounds for immature turtles. Three types, Green, Hawksbill and Loggerhead. This one is a Hawkesbill I believe.
Thanks Celeste and PK.


Love it .... Thanks ...


oh so cool :) great shot there Robbie


Close to shore Rob?


That's the way Rob, thanks.


I'll just put the mask & snorkel on & slip over the side for a closer look Robbie!! He looks a beauty.


Dandelions are nice lyndee, just close your eyes, smell the flower and drift over here!
Hi calley, I'm in Bermuda. Need some rain water for our plants please.
Glad you see it now chickie.
Careful David, you might catch flak!!
Hey Kathy, I think you saw one or two here popping their heads out of water. No UW camera, used to have a small one. I took this from our boat.
Yes he was a good size PKH. The Aquarium people netted 14 here one day to tag and the biggest was 85 LBS.
I told David he might catch flak PPM.


Very nice picture Robbiel!


Turtle soup? Where is your environmental awareness, Numberful one?


He's a big 'un!


So great that you can see them! Do you have an underwater camera?? And yes, I did push you off the board ~ I'll be going next!! hehe


That is not a turtle, Robbie! That is turtle soup on the hoof...


It's clear enough that we can make it out Robbie. Thanks for the shot.


The only water here is rain water. Where are you Robbie?


It's just not fair..........You have all this beauty.......and I have a dandelion!


Sorry I couldn't get a better picture. The turtles were feeding all around but difficult to get a good picture. The water is about 7 feet deep here.