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Wonderful puzzle. Loved it! Thanks. :)


Hi, chilisand. Thank you. How is your cute cat?

Hi, Hanne. Yes, you are right. 'Bad' can be changed to 'Good'. I had such an experience again after the typhoon. Our neighbor suddenly died and the funeral was done in the next city. Then another neighbor, who is a very kind and frank and friendly person and tidied up the mess with us, called to take us there together. He took three couples there in his big car. In the car talking about the late person, we realized how long we did not talk like that. We had more chances when we were younger, though. It was a sad situation, but we enjoyed being together and talking about a lot for an hour. Neighbors are like that, aren't they? A little different relationship from friends. It may be so about Japanese. We made sure we should come and enjoy together more often. I am happy to have good people around. That was a nice episode. My husband and I are thinking to have such a chance.
Thanks to your message, I was able to see these episodes from a different angle and make sure of its importance. Thank you, Hanne for giving me such a chance. Have a nice autumn day and jigi time.

Hi, siouxzn. Yes. A big typhoon, which I guess will be the last one this year! Typhoons are scary, but when they are small ones, a little bit exciting. The scenes through the window entirely change. I once saw its eye when young. The circle of blue sky in the storm. What a strange and interesting experience it was! Do you have a typhoon or hurricane in your region? Thanks for your kind words. Have a nice jigi time.


Sachi, another wonderful puzzle. Sorry to hear about you suffering a taiphoon (Hanne's comment below), I wish you the very best. Thank you.


I'm so glad to hear that you had no damages from the taiphoon, Sachi. It's very sweet that you instead had some good times with the neighbours tidying up after the storm. You really know how to turn a bad situation into a good one!! Thanks for the puzzle it's so sweet!


Wonderful, thank you.