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Thursday's Flower

30 pieces
201 solves
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Doh! :-D


Hester, I was teasing. ;-)


Bad syntax again! I meant that I agree with her that the puzzle delivers so much more than the thumbnail suggests. The volcano is all mine!! :-)


Jan, I thank you for the title suggestions. Once or twice I've added an asterisk at the end of a title and in my comment, I mentioned that the puzzle looks much better when solving it than it does in the thumbnail or preview pane.

Ardy, I haven't seen the president of the OFC for about 3 days now and have been meaning to check to see if she's ok...but then I saw that she has solved some of Pat's I'm assuming she is. You have to get over your anti-orange phobia. ;-)

Hester, I had to scroll back down to see where Jan said this looks like a "bubbling multi coloured volcano." I couldn't find it! LOL

Mandy, thank heavens it's only in your imagination. I intentionally removed all spooky faces beforehand.

Mary, ahhh, you're getting faster and faster! I'm glad you had fun. :-)


Wow! That was fun - and fast! I'd never miss solving one of your beautiful flowers that burst out at me when completed! 2:37 Thanks, Wendy!


Very Halloween... lots of spooky faces around the orange border!!!


I agree with Jan. I think this is like looking into a bubbling multi coloured volcano!


The OFC should love this one Wendy. I like it except for the orange. I just do not like orange and pink together. It was a fun puzzle to solve though. Thanks.


I agree. Some suggestive ideas for choosing titles: There's a jewel inside!, / Glorious puzzle awaits you / Be surprised - more details in the solving......


Thank you so much, Jan. I've made more of these in the past and unfortunately they don't yell out "Solve me, solve me" because you can't really see how cool they actually are without actually solving them. I really like them though.


What a nice flower. I was happily surprised by all the details in the finished puzzle - a pure joy to solve.