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Four Seasons

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248 solves
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Thanks Jan, it's good to know you enjoyed your stroll through this puzzle!

Magda, thank you for your concern - I know I'm still not 100% - as I still have 2-3 coughing episodes per day - and I can't shake off the fatigue... the doctor assures me there is nothing wrong, but I'm taking many additional supplements to try and boost my immune system, and hoping that one day I'll shake it off completely. I just don't seem to be coping with the long shifts as well as I used to either. Just 2 years ago I was managing them fine... 3 days in a row, but having a break from that working pattern for 2 years and then coming back I've been finding it hard... I keep hoping I'll re-acclimatise!! My Dad worked until his 80s... so I shouldn't be finding it so hard!!! LOL


You sound a bit stressed Mandy. Are you sure, you have recovered 100 % from your spring chest infection? Probably you had to return to work too early. An advantage of age, is, that one can take it easy.
Thank you for all your efforts for us jigiers!


Have a wonderful day tomorrow. I thank you very much for this fun and beautiful puzzle today! I was slow as the dickens, but had a great time. Thanks, Mandy!


Thank you PJ - and I hope to be able to catch up with your lovely puzzles soon... I've just totally run out of steam tonight, and have another early start tomorrow :~)


Very fine composition Mandy - and fun solving :-)))


Thanks elizellen - it's always nice to hear when someone had a fun time :~)

A de3light to work,so colorful and an unusual pattern. Thanks for a fun time.