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Saturday's Flowers

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Barb, I think you're on at least a few of my leader boards. ;-)

Pat, none of my flowers have died in the storm. It wasn't really even a snowstorm since we only got a few inches of snow. I was disappointed that we didn't get more.

Thank you, PJ, that's a very nice compliment. :-)

I'm so glad you enjoyed it and I like the "crazy" adjective especially, Diane. :-)

whatnauts, and I like your "delightful." Thank you, dear.

Ardy, I like your "lovely" and "vibrant." LOL We got 2-4 inches I guess...nothing special at all.

Mary, I'd like to learn how to do the Four Flower Dance when you have some spare time. LOL


Oh, four wonderful, colorful flowers! Doing the Four Flower Dance and it's very colorful to honor them! 5:58 Thanks, Wendy!


Lovely, vibrant flowers, Wendy. Thank you. How much snow did you get?


Delightful flowers. Great colours and patterns.

This sure is crazy,colorful and awesome .I enjoyed solving it. Thanx DIANE


Oh, Wendy - I love your flowers. It impresses me how you manage to vary them so much, and yet - they are 'Wendy'-flowers :-)


Beautiful blossoms, Wendy! And the fact that they made it until today is a blooming miracle! :-)))


Argh, just missed the board (3:49) but had fun and enjoyed your lovely Saturday flowers, Wendy, thanks. :-)