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For a preview of tomorrow's celebration, visit:

Red Nose Day is the main way in which Comic Relief raises money "to bring about a positive and lasting change in the lives of poor and disadvantaged people".

The first Red Nose Day was held on 5 February 1988 and since then they have been on the second or third Friday in March. Red Nose Day is often treated as a semi-holiday e.g. many schools have red-themed non-uniform days. As the name suggests, the day involves the wearing of plastic/foam red noses which are available, in exchange for a donation.

The day culminates in a live telethon event on the BBC, starting in the evening and going through into the early hours of the morning. In 2011 Comic Relief raised £108,436,277.


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Thanks lillyjean, I remember in previous years I used to see red noses on cars - I don't remember seeing any this year, maybe they've stopped offering them? They did look funny, and I think had a minimum donation of £5 instead of the £1 donation for a small nose.

We had a Red Nose Day in N.Z.years ago and for I can remember people putting the bigger bright red noses on the front of their cars where they stayed for a long time after.They looked quite funny but I dont know if they donated any more for the privilege!!!


Hi TroubleandFrog - thanks for stopping by, and for the link, it's good fun. I've just watched some of Comic Relief and they've announced the running total is currently at over £66 million pounds, and as you probably know the total will continue to go up for a while after the event, so it's wonderfully successful. I saw that Australia did a similar event linked to SIDS, but I didn't have time to read much about what they actually do. I must research it a bit more.


Hi Mandy . . . I was very pleased to see that Francine shared that link . . . I saw it earlier on today on ITV 1 . . . :D)
I do know that Australia introduced a similar 'red nose day' in aid of SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome) and several other countries have similar events complete with red noses for various children's charities.


Thanks Barb, I think it's mostly aimed at the British public for the fundraising, but the fun takes place all around the world, mostly in Africa, where celebrities go and make mini films which are shown on TV during the course of the day, to encourage the donations to keep coming in.

Thanks Edie, I don't know if the event has come to Canada, but if you have red noses around, it sounds likely :~)

Sounds like an excellent plan, Pat... then have fun!!!

Thanks whatnauts, I'm glad you've heard of it :~)

Well, Hanne, if you've already got one you won't need to buy one, and can donate more!!!!! LOL!!!

Thanks Wendy, lots of people have lots of fun for a really good cause, it's a brilliant fundraiser!!

Exactly Ardy, thanks for your support :~)

PJ, yes, they do show us what the money has helped to achieve in the past years, which is always lovely to hear about :~)

Thanks Francine, that link is wonderful!! Thanks for sharing Su's sharing!!! LOL


What a fun fundraiser. Thanks for the puzzle, Mandy.
...I'm sure Su, TroubleandFrog, won't mind my sharing the link she posted today.


A fine puzzle and a good cause. With such an amount as in 2011 - I'd hope that it made a difference. All the best for today's fund raising.


Fun fund raiser for a good cause. Thanks, Mandy.


Oops, not really to celebrate but to remind people that there are plenty of poor people who need to be cared about.


WOW! Mandy, what a WONDERFUL reason to celebrate a day! We need something like this in the US.


And what if you've got one yourself from portwine i.e.?? Fine day to celebrate!! Thanks so very much Mandy!!


A very worthy cause, Monza. I've heard Ricky Gervais speak on this charity. Thanks much.


Guess I will have to find the red lipstick and paint some noses... Thanks Mandy


Not sure if we have this event in Canada. I know I have the red noses around somewhere and that they were given out at some event that my kids attended. Thanks for another fun 'Who Knew".


I hadn't heard of this before, Mandy, and wonder if this is mainly a British event? A worthy day for sure and I love the images you've chosen to represent the day. I recognize Mr Bean and Mickey Mouse of course. :-)) Thanks for another interesting Who Knew puzzle!