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TILE 1147 (smaller version available-see comments box)

81 pieces
51 solves
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Just logged in to upload tonight's set and saw your msg . . . I hope you have a wonderful supper and a truly enjoy evening . . . thank you . . . :D)


You're a dear. I'm always amazed at your memory. I have an early supper date with my younger honorary granddaughter. Be back later. (((HUGS))) for a good night. You should be in bed by the time I get back.


Thank you Ardy . . . I try and post a pink one for you most nights and I remembered to reduce the no of pieces on this one with it being more open . . . ;D)
(((HUGS))) back . . . :D)


Good evening, Su. In this one I see tiny snowmen flexing their arm muscles over their heads around the tiny center flower. As you may have guessed 1146 is my favorite tonight. 1144 is full of weird red bugs against a lovely green background. Interesting set. Thanks, Su. Here's wishing you a good night and sending warmed hugs (((HUGS))).


A smaller, 25 piece version of this puzzle is available on