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Warped Stained Glass......

36 pieces
148 solves
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No cabin fever. Been too busy doing school work (argh! I remember now why I retired!!!).
We did have a "date" yesterday...movies and a burger joint. Eha!!! Snow is melting quickly-:(


Thank you Suzy... We the warped must stick together... Glad you enjoyed the warp of the glass... Are you and Jim getting cabin fever yet? Or do you go out and hike in the snow just to keep in practice? :) :)


Warped? Did someone say warped? Oh. The glass. Right. :) Good puzzle, Ditto. Thought it would be more difficult than it really was.


Thank you, Kirsten, Maria, Whattie, Mimi and Good Buddy....:) :)

Been a busy, busy couple of days.... Hardly any time to create, which is a very important part of this Jigidi fun.... You all are so sweet to let me know you enjoyed this one and many other puzzles.... Thanks again.... Hugs to all of you.... :) :)


I,really liked this one, Sally..... and not juat because of the RJDB! I enjoyed solving it and loved the finished product. Thanks, dear one!


Getting warped didn't bother this glass a bit, in fact, I think it quite liked the experience!


It was nice to see this puzzle up close and personal. Thanks for posting it as a stand-alone puzzle, SMor.


Love stained glass, even warped:)) Thanks.


Far out man! My world is melting!! Weird!! LOL But seriously, I really enjoyed this one, Sally. Despite the flashbacks. :-DDD


Thank you, Michelle... Always good to give a smile... Your smile makes me smile.... :) :)


Thank you, Shirley... You did spot it... I snagged it for the collage/mosaic and you thought it would make a single on its own.... So, this one's for you, kid... LOL.... Glad you enjoyed it.... :) :)


Another fun and fancy free. Great work, Sally! (It made me smile.)


I loved this in your other puzzle, and I love it more on it's own, very artistic, I knew it was a stunner, and you do have to solve to get the full impact. Thank you sally.:):)