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Waiting For A Train

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LJ- All of your photos are terrific! I appreciate them all!


Laughs. LJ I was thinking about the one there that is on display, across from Casey's. :) I am glad they fixed the road there "again" I think one time I went over the tracks and thought I left my transmission behind.. They was that bad. It was on one of the trips to the drive in.
Great shot here. :) love the picture


Well, Sue, I might be able to. We have a train engine on display here in town and I never thought to stop and take a photo of it. I think it's green and yellow.
Thank you very much PG, PLG and morris! Trains are facinating, really. I wasn't lurking! I was perking.
Pumpkin, what guy on the caboose? The one from yesteryear? He always wore a striped hat? At least he did in the story book my mom read to me when I was a little girl.


Wonderful action shot...Jan 20-26 theme is Trains, Planes & Ships. Maybe you can post some others then, laurajane. 0:28


Great shot, Laura!!! Another wallhanger, i really like this one!!!


Love trains! This is a great one! Thanks, Laura!


Don't ya miss the guy on the caboose?


I took the shot before the graffiti passed by.


I think you were lurking at the crossing just waiting to pounce on a poor train LJ. It worked very well.


I was just sitting there at the train track, minding my own business...


There you go again Laurajane........another chance to get a great photo! You don't even have to look for it, it comes right to you! LOL


Yes, lots of graffiti. Could be dangerous crossings, but no one here risks far. Yes, oddio, there can be up to 10,000 cars...well, it seems like that. Thank you, chickie!


Ah I like this photo, thanks. This kind of crossings we don't have here anymore. They are too dangerous. There were idiots who thought, I don't see a train so I can go quickly. And then they went around the barrier. So now we have barriers at both sides.

Watch all the graffiti go by.


count the cars...


Nice shot Laura!