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Scones, Clotted Cream and Berries!

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They look delicious. I must say my scones don't look that good. Mine don't get as high, also. Never had clotted cream but would love to try it. Thanks for sharing a great puzzle.


Buntyt . . . this picture must have been taken at your home when you were not looking!
I have been to Cornwall, and it is so beautiful!

One comment says pure clotted cream comes from Devonshire in England. May I add that Cornish clotted cream is every bit as good. Lovely picture. I have the same china as the picture, the same type of spoon and even the same little glass pot. My scones and jams are home made, my berries home grown, but my clotted cream comes from The Lizard, Cornwall, and is wonderful. I wouldn't recommend anyone to make a mock one - get the real stuff and enjoy !


I'm with you, Quartina. Vida's recipe for "Mock Clotted Cream" does sound rather tasty! I even wrote it down for future use! Thanks for a neat puzzle...and thanks to Vida for the recipe. Carole


That sounds rather tasty!


Pure clotted cream comes from Devonshire in England. But you can make mock clotted cream with half whipping cream (whipped) mixed with half cream cheese sweetened to taste with a hint of vanilla.



YUM! :)