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Pre-baubled Tree watching Sun settling into the Pacific


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Thanks for commenting Cathy.
It's Monday morning here now, and I woke awhile ago from a dream (nightmare) of the first responders who had to go into that scene of carnage.
I hope as a society that we begin to realize how incredibly important it is to care for and develop all of our children - with greater care for the children whose brains (for whatever reason) do not function as those of average children.


Yes, my heart grieves for them too.


Two of my grandchildren live in this home. I have a total of six grandchidren - five of them are between the ages of 7 and 10. I have gotten in touch with all three of my children this afternoon and told them how much I love them and their children and I hope they all hold each other tightly tonight. There are many families in Connecticut who can no longer do that and my heart grieves for them.


Thanks Cathy, I'm glad you like the combination. I love my own view of San Diego Bay but I enjoy going to my daughter's and seeing the panorama of the Pacific too. And, for the Season, I delight in festive lights anywhere.


Wow! A beautiful tree, lights of a city and a sunset all together!!! Thanks, Kate.


Thanks JC. This was "Decorating Weekend" at my daughter's home. I love Christmas decorating. All through my adulthood, Christmas has been a Bright Season not a Blue Season for me. Perhaps as an adult, I've been more of a kid.


Nice tree and sunset, Kate!