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Phew what a job.

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A neighbor came to help a bit. Henk has struggled to get his back straight. I did the easy work, I took the photo.


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Thanks friends, poor Henk. Cathy you are right, but I think he was too tired for it. Funny Ebkrueg, no he never had red hair. This is the color he is born with and he will die with it. Henk is Albino, there is no color in the hair and so he will not become grey too. And that's why he is so red, he has sunburn. He has got those days many blisters and fever. So indeed poor poor Henk.


Poor Henk ...


Henk looks a bit thirsty to me. :)


Henk looks like my dad - did he have red hair??


His poor back!! Now he should do some of those nice strectches that we do at the gym. Good title Ank.


So right Jan. hugs


nice to have good neighbors. A good start already.


You are right Hanne, the way you use it is good, it looks beautiful. But in this garden it is taking over. And there's so many weeds, it is impossible to keep clean. So we dig it out. It's work and it will take a few days. But we will win. lol


If you have a small garden it's not good. We have lots of vinca minor - almost the same - but they just cover big areas which we then don't need to do anything to! They bloom right now with unnumerous blue "eyes"!! Thanks so very much Ank!!


Hi friends, thanks for dropping in. Yes it was a job, but it became nice. At the moment we are busy with an other garden. The garden of my neighbor, we are doing a renovation of a part of her garden. There was periwinkle growing on fat clay. Periwinkle is like weed and it proliferates through the roots. We are now digging out all those roots. Friends take care that you never get it in your garden, its hard to get it out. So we feel our backs again. Today we had very nice weather. Real Spring, so it was nice to work outside. Enough for today, we will go on tomorrow.


So much work!!! But, it's really looking good!


Poor Henk. I know his pain. Been pulling weeds and mulching for a couple of days. Argh. It is very nice of the neighbor to help. Thanks Ank.


Smart move. Love the photo.


My back acts the same way. I find myself stretching it just from looking at this photo. Having a pretty garden is very hard work!!! Thanks, Ank.


I do feel for Henk, this getting older is no fun, we just can't do what we did a few years back, Henk will take the photo tomorrow Ank, Have a good nights rest, both of you, Thanks Ank.


Good morning Ank, good job, I can not believe you just did a photo.
Poor Henk, I have the same problems as he has.
Have a nice day :-))))) HUGS There is still raining and Andy went home :-(((((


Poor Henk, but we all know you did more than just take the photo Ank!


Morning Ank, poor Henk, I feel for him.
So, the clearing up is nearly done at this stage.
Can't wait to see what its like this summer


Goodmorning - keep the easy way - sometimes when I come in from the garden I "hang" in my arms in a door to get my back streced out. Hope you have a nice day :-)