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Orbs over Glass

54 pieces
207 solves
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Lol, Wendy, I'm assuming the chuckle is because that is a direct quote. That's funny, lol!! Thanks for such a nice compliment for something that is so much fun to make! I'll keep 'em coming! ....:-)


I had to get an Orb fix for you, L, before I left. I won't be at my computer for a while.... can't create Orbs on a Tab. Quel dommage! Don't worry aout my working too hard, lol!


Sorry I'm just now seeing your comment, Ardy.I'll probably be here for a week and a half. It will not be all work. There is so much to explore on this island. I love it! So, you've had the white square thing too. It all seems better now but fora couple of days the last 1 or 2 puzzle pieces were not there on some puzzles I tried to solve. Now THAT was strange! You are most welcome, my friend!


Jill, a lot of people are having problems on Jigidi. Stefan left this message on their FaceBook page- "Magnus has been conducting some optimization tests witch unfortunately caused some unforeseen disturbances. We're very sorry for any inconvenience this has caused."

Chuckling about the word "witch."

Anyway, every single time I see your orbs, I have to come over to stare at them. I LOVE thank you for continuing to create them. :-)


Yeah Orbs.... Have a super good time... Don't work too hard.... :) :)


Jill, these look like they are floating in air rather than on glass. Enjoyed this a lot. Thanks. Enjoy Jekyll Island. I've been there briefly just once, maybe twice but never to stay. How long do you get to stay and will it all be work? My computer has also been acting up on Jigidi both yesterday and today. No thumbnail at all just the white square, then puzzles not loading, which is why I'm just now doing this one. It has refused to lead. This is at least the third try. Then a couple of times it wouldn't let me get back to the comment area without going to the profile. I know at least one other person who is having similar problems today. Hope TPTB get the glitches fixed before tomorrow if not by yesterday! Did I remember to say "Thank you" for this delightful puzzle? Enjoy your trip..


Most welcome, dearest, Thelma! I'm glad you liked them. I will definitely have fun! I'll be doing some painting..... walls, not canvas, lol. ...... :-)))


As orbiful as ever! Thanks, Your Royal Orbness :-) Have fun at Jekyll!


Lol, Carol, perhaps that is what is going on!I'm glad you enjoyed it and appreciate your being so complimenticious, my friend!.... :-)


Thanks, Shirley. I am glad they showed up too! I figured people might not enjoy a white square! I'm sorry weird jigidi things are happening to you also.Shirley, things are about to settle down just fine. .... I'm headed to Jekyll Island on Monday.... Yea!!


I've had trouble loading some puzzles off the site. Maybe the interwebs are all clogged up and slowed down with weighty political discourse.
Sure glad these showed up - orbilicious, as always! :))


Strange things have been happening to me two Jill, Well I'm so glad the Orbs turned up, what would we do without our fix of Jill gorgeous orbs, Thanks Jill. hope everything settles down for you.


OK.... the picture shows up on my Tab but not my computer. On my computer there is a blank square.... I'll never figure out this stuff!!


I have no idea why there is no picture - WEIRD!