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Closing Ranks

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The RCMP Musical Ride
North Vancouver
Four wide rows converge to make a rather solid block of riders.


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You are very very welcome Li. I think they perform at the CNE (Canadian National Exhibition) each summer in Toronto. Perhaps you will see it there one year. : )


It looks so amazing. I wish I could see it sometime. Thanks for giving us this glimpse, Cathy.


Thank you Brian. Yes, this one looks easy in the picture but the outer horses were trotting diagonally which didn't look that easy. Yes, I think that's why each officer grooms and feeds their own horse. It helps them to bond.


An amazing manoeuvre, there must be a fantastic relationship between horse and rider.


Thank you Suzy! Yes, it was very special !!! Such a world class performance ... for free ... in my own neighbourhood!!! Oh boy! Oh boy!!


Looking at this just gives one a feeling of great pride.
Thanks for sharing, Cathy. Can only imagine the shivers up my spine seeing this in person.


Thanks Lorna. I'm glad you checked out the link. : )))

Thank you Faye! I'm glad you are here to add more details!!!!


The RCMP have their own farm for breeding these horses. They presented the Queen with Burmese many years ago and he was one of the Queen's favourites...she alway rode him in Trooping the Colour. As Burmese died some years ago, the RCMP presented the Queen with another of their horses a couple of years ago. :)


I had missed the link Cathy, but have just had a look - very interesting. Thank you!


Thank you Ank and Agnes! Yes, it is very special to see it with your own eyes!
: )


Interesting event, I would like to see it with my own eyes...., thanks, Kathy


Love it Cathy.


Thank you Lorna. I'm glad you like this picture. Unfortunately I didn't take any close up pictures of the design but I gave a link on my puzzle yesterday and I think there is a picture there.


What a magnificent sight. I'm interested in the maple leaf design you and Carol mention too... Thanks Cathy.


Thank you Carol. Yes, I saw the maple leaf design on each horse. I hope it will be visible when I post that picture. I would love to see the picture you are talking about!!!


Thank you Floyd. Yes, they must train a lot because they put on a very polished show!!!

Thank you Jim. Apparently they don't have any grooms to do the menial work. Each officer takes total care of his or her horse.


Beautiful pictures Cevas!! Could you see how there is a maple leaf curry-combed on each horse's rump? Somewhere in my email files I have the most delightful video of the Queen watching this ride (but, not certain of the occasion). She was beyond delighted! (Lovely human view of her.)


Another wonderful photo, Cathy! Thanks!


Thank you Cathy. It would take a lot of training to do the precision moves that the RCMP Musical Ride do. I saw them once at the fair grounds in Yorkton a long time ago. Very impressive.