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Come and get him, ladies! Cassenova Growly awaits your pleasure

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Growly has been struck by Cupid's arrow. Trouble is he is such a fickle bear that he can't make up his mind on whom to bestow his affections. Will it be JiggyJan, Kirsten, Michelle, Wendy, Ardy, Dagmar, Deborah, Carole, Mandy, Gail, Faye, Fracine? Let's just hope he's not casting his amorous eye over Robbie or Lela!!


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Less than 20 minutes remaining till the end of your 1st March. Happy St. David's Day, Hester. Hope you got to see a parade... :))


Oh Dagmar! You know I have such happy memories of La Granja. If I have any parental influence over the bear he'll be on the next 'plane!

The laughs have given me so much pleasure. There are some truly funny people out there on jigiland! I'm so glad you enjoyed it! :-))


As nobody seems to be later than me, I suppose if you still in any shape for anything, after such a lot different dinners and wines LOL, we might have a picnic in "La Granja" and afterwards a romantic walk throught he gardens. :)))
Thanks Hester for a good laugh. :))


He knows how to play the game, that's for sure, Wendy! ;-))


I woke up from my nap, saw that Growly hadn't arrived, read Jawz's post, and then knew the reason why. Growly is one smart bear. LOL


LOLOLOLOLOL............... Oh Hester...just think of how disappointed poor, poor Growly will be...:((( But I'd make them for you too! :))) I just need to know in advance when you'll be here! Still laughing my a$@ off!!!

PS...I still want the carnations!!! :DDD


Never mind the bear....I'm about to dress up in a furry costume and hop on a 'plane!! Am dribbling in a very unlady-like manner at the sound of those treats. ( muffled bear- squeaks coming from direction of locked wardrobe!) ;-D


Dear Growly, I'm sorry I'm so late in getting here! Please "bear" with me! I have some very good Pinot Noir, dark and extra-dark chocolate truffles and many delicious hors d'oeuvres! They include pan seared sea scallops, mini Dungeness crab cakes w/ lemon aioli, bacon-wrapped water chestnuts w/ a delicious glaze, roasted garlic w/ warm Brie cheese and prosciutto-wrapped figs, just to name a few. Come be my Valentine and we will sit by the warm fireplace and gorge ourselves on these delicious treats! Oh, and as far as flowers go, fragrant carnations in many colors would be wonderful!


OK, you can send him over with wildflowers but not until I've taken a nap. Also, because I already cleaned up (ie. threw the cartons in the trash), he'll have to wash the laundry, sweep the floors, and clean the bathroom to make up for it. Please hint to him that it would be nice if he brought along some chocolates....lots of them. My husband didn't give me that many.


Oh dear Wendy! Is it too late to send him over with a bunch of flowers and an offer to do the washing up??


Well, Hester, in allowing him to pick his own date(s), you've unwittingly (or wittingly) allowed Growly to continue getting soused. Since he's decided to forgo the takeout Chinese dinner I ordered, I've eaten it myself....along with the tea. Hear that? TEA.


Wendy, I took those photos to show and remind him of the errors of his ways! I hope you are not suggesting I am the bear's procurer?? Heaven forfend! He needs to be kept in check for his own good but he does pick his own dates! I am allowed to offer guidance but like any parent he is at liberty to totally ignore that ....and obviously does!! :-))


Growly is not to be trusted? Is that what you're saying? Then I assume you'll be chaperoning him as he cuddles up with his love interest. It didn't look like you were watching Growly very closely when he was bear-handling the two Barbies. In fact, if anything, because you were taking pics of Growly at the time, I believe you were essentially condoning his behavior.

Methinks, Hester is almost as naughty as Growly....and perhaps even more so. Just sayin'.


Wendy, simply because he cant be trusted ! And anyway, Kirsten is just the first! He tells me he has plenty of luurve to go around!!

Gail, indeed, as I did 23 years ago! And THANKYOU ! :- ))


Woo hoo!! I win!!! Who said coming last means losing!! LOL

Thanks Growly (and Hester)! And sorry ladies, but he's all mine!


I protest! Hester, I don't think it's fair that you are the one to pick out Growly's love interest. If he's only going to have one love, at least he should be the one to do the choosing. And now I wonder why he doesn't have his own Jigidi account.


You may just "dress up a bear", Hester, but you do it with such humor. That takes talent and ingenuity. And just look at his sweet face. How could you not fall in love with that face?

feistyfreddy the lady with the superlative wine and the corks on her hat!!LOL


I'm so sorry that I'm late to the party Growly! Working woman, and all that. But the good news is, that now the others have been and gone, I get you all to myself!!

So gorgeous Growly, let's crack an Aussie Shiraz, a cheese board and some yummy olives!! What say you? Make it "yes"!! xoxox


Oh, Hester! Although I would LOVE to be Growly's sweetheart, don't feel so bad as I've had a tremendously wonderful Valentine's celebration! Last night was dinner out followed by a Maroon 5 concert. And today my sweetest gave me a box of dark chocolates. My darling cat Grace has also given me extra cuddle time. But you better count me in on the next big celebration! :-DDD


OMG ladies, please form an orderly queue! The bear's head has been turned, nay, swollen beyond belief! LOL.
Jan, he is always weak where alcohol is concerned. You know how to push his buttons! :-)

Katie, I' devastated! HOW could I have missed his Ohio Honey off the list? Sowwy!

Oh, Mandy, the perfect date! A Teddy Bear's picnic! With plum pudding....(obviously, brandy butter would be first choice!) and smoochy dancing ! Of course, he'd be quite willing to divest himself of all the feathers....LOL

Oh dear, Faye...I wish he hadn't read that! He's come over all unnecessary. I think I'd better get him a cold compress and some restraining bands!!

Michelle, he may be small in stature but if he keeps up with his vitamins and whey drinks I think he may have the stamina to last the course....tee, hee!

Wendy, I can't believe Mandy would do that. Pebbles?? Oh ,my! Growly does have a sweet tooth but being a world traveller he also loves oriental food, although shark's fin soup makes him nervous!

Francine, he certainly knows how to ham it up! LOL


Which are engraved... as a substitute for silver coins!!


Hester, this is slightly off the subject, but Mandy and I are having a little debate and we need you (or Growly) to help us out. Which does Growly prefer, Chinese takeout food, or plum pudding? Keep in mind that Mandy substitutes pebbles for the raisins.


Ladies, need to form a line or double up! (Well, unless you really want to Faye...personally, I think I'd like a little one-on-one, undivided for my first time alone with Mr. Romance!) I'm sure that Growly's got plenty of love to go around for all....


Growly...I really don't think your "in"tentions qualify you for wings (Hee hee)...but with so many lovelies awaiting your "at"tentions you had better plan your evening carefully. JiggyJan and I are in the same time zone...wonder if she's up for a threesome...oh how wicked!

Happy Valentine's Day, Hester. Hugs and kisses all 'round.

(Good luck with the tests.)


Making the rounds to try to give my friends a Valentine...but Jigidi won't let me post it yet so here's the private link:


Dear Growly - I do not know what your preference is for dinner, but I have some very nice left over Plum Pudding I can bring for dessert - would you prefer Brandy Butter or custard sauce!! Maybe we could then go for a ride on the local Ferris Wheel? Or would you prefer a picnic in the woods? I could bring my transistor radio so we have music to dance! (I think the batteries still work) - RSVP ASAP
PS Whilst they look delightful, could you please remove the feathers before I arrive.... I'm allergic!

Hester, if that doesn't win his wandering eye, I don't know what will!! Thank you, I highly value being placed on his elite list. :~)


Aaah! Growly certainly has all the perfect accoutrements for his lovely ladies!


Dearest Growly,
With your am-bear-dextrous abilities you will be able to choose two sweeties on this special day. I adore your fluffy little heart and know that you will choose wisely for the second lucky lady! I will be there at 8 with that special wine you adore! Hugs and Kisses, my strong and Handsome one! Au Revoir!


The petal behind Growly's left ear is the perfect touch. Beautiful little heartthrob. Thanks for a fun puzzle, Hester. :)


Gail, I just wish I had all you wonderful puzzle maker's creativity. I just dress up a bear! LOL

Wendy, Growly is kicking back and waiting for someone to peel him some grapes...dream on, bear! :-)

Ardy,hugs flying back across the pond to you too!

Michelle, you talented polyglot you! A toi aussi! ;-)) Alas, I have blood tests in the morning so no romantic dinner for us tonight. We're postponing till Sunday for our trist and by then Freddy should be feeling up to helping with the leftovers! :-))


Growly says that he appreciates the more mature woman and that there's plenty of him to go round! ;-))
Thank you ladies!!


Lei è un uomo molto bello, Casanova Growly! Hai rubato il mio amore con i tuoi begli occhi marroni!

Ooh la la! Je t'aime aussi, mon petit ami nounours! Je vous envoie des baisers chocolatés... :*

(Love those very strategically placed hearts, Hester...Jigidi is a public forum, after all! Hope that you have a wonderful Valentine's Day with your BB too. We know that you will with Growly and Freddy!)


Growly, you are adorable. But I fear if I make too much over you that Kringle Bear will get jealous. He's a very loving bear too. I'll give you a big kiss and a hug and wish you and Hester a very Happy Valentines Day. XO


Say what? When did Growly decide that he loves older women? I thought he was infatuated with Barbie doll aged females. Well, he's listed 12 ladies so to my way of thinking, he could love each of us for a month. He looks happy today. :-)
Hester, I don't know whose more adorable, you or Growly. Thank you, dear. :-)


Pick me, pick me, pick me!!!! Growly has such a sweet face it's hard not to fall in love with him. As they would say on The Bachelorette, I accept your rose! Thanks for a fun puzzle. You're such an inventive person.