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Swirled Surfboards (Smaller)

42 pieces
144 solves
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Thanks so much, Edie, Jan, Ardy, and Lela--I'm glad I don't hear and "glub-glub sputter cough" going on, so that's a very good sign! LOL! This is what a surfboard would feel like to me, for sure--I like to stay where I can stand and have the waves lift me up right before they break on the shore--I'm not the most daring person! :-)))


Fear not, loadsa'-dogs-and-cats........I am wearing my rubber ring!...............(getting a bit dizzy though).....


This is probably more what I would end up like if I ever tried to get on a surfboard!! Fun, colorful puzzle. Thanks, Pat. I was glad to read that you didn't get back to your puzzles on Monday because of being engrossed in a BOOK. I highly approve of that!!!. I was concerned that you were not well.


This is what I felt like doing to them yesterday (before they cooperated!) !!!
Love this puzzle, Pat! It was great fun and the design and texturing is beautiful thank you!
ahem - 2:17


Well if Lela fell off before, they'll have to send the Coast Guard out for him now. Great fun, thanks Pat