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Blurple Boxes (Smaller)

49 pieces
105 solves
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I wouldn't mind changing more often, but whenever I have changed, it took me a week to recognize my own in a set of comments, and I would keep thinking that I hadn't posted one yet, when I had! My old brain can't take too many changes! :-)))


Hi Pat, I've been changing my avatar for two reasons: I figured out how to make one, and then I keep choosing seasonal images! I like your 65 avatar and don't ever feel like you need to change just to keep up with the crowd!


I keep thinking that I should change the -65 avatar--I haven't looked like that in almost 40 years, but I love the way it really fixes me in a certain decade, with my outfit, and with Bob's mustache... I don't know why I don't like changing the avatars--maybe it's because people sometimes comment on them, and when they get changed, the comments look absurd and totally incomprehensible! I've seen that on so many other people's puzzles, and I must have a very ingrained desire for continuity and for what made sense once, to still make sense now......


This was fun, Pat and easier than I had thought it would be. There seem to be a rash of avatar changes today. Jan changed one of hers while I was doing a puzzle of hers. I'm glad to see Maggie & Cassie again while I miss you and Jessica!! Thanks for this fun puzzle.


I almost didn't recognize you--I'm so used to seeing your seasonal avatars! LOL! Thanks, Barb!


This was a little easier than I thought, love the colours, Pat. :-)