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A Potpourri of Fall!

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Pat - that is what it's all about - having fun! Thanks!


Good morning Jan little slow this morning but surely enjoyed solving.


I am, Ardy, I am! My gosh, just what you all do NOT need!!


Hopefully if I disappear early next week, you can chalk it up to power outages from THE STORM. Say some extra prayers that it won't be as bad as they are suggesting.


Mariasha - I LOVE lilies and any flower that has spots, too! I am so glad you enjoyed this! Thanks so much!


Ardy - Batten down the hatches - I hear you are going to get the "Frankenstorm" !!) - Seriously, remember the movie, The Perfect Storm? That bad. So be safe and let us know how you are doing!


Barb, what you thought you saw is exactly what was in the original image. I am so glad they came through. I love it when the pieces actually are visible on the kaleidos. (Unless of course I have kaleido'd people! Kirsten hates it if I leave eyes in the kaleidoscope! I am horrible!! LOL)

But, the ruby was pure YOU. and it is beautiful!

Thanks for this gorgeous puzzle fave today is the middle right one...I've always been a sucker for spotted petals.


Beautiful, Jan. Had to get one of your solved before I have to run. I'm hearing the your storm plus some from the midwest are thinking of joining the hurricane headed up the east coast so that by Monday & Tuesday it could be a BIG mess around here. Hope they are wrong. Gotta run. Back later.


Another autumn beauty, Jan, thanks! I was noticing that the bottom left looks almost like a ruby in the centre surrounded by chestnuts and mushrooms. My imagination is running away this morning. LOL