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Happy Labor Day! Don't forget why we have this holiday...

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Yep, pd, that's exactly it.


I know about this firsthand. I worked in an A & P for almost 9 years some time ago, and we had a very active and strong union. There were rules that said that any part-timers who worked x number of hours each week for y number of weeks automatically became full-time workers, with all the extra benefits that meant. So the A & P would see to it that the department managers scheduled that last important week with one fewer hour. Then the next week, the part-timer would go back to the full x hours, until it happened again...


Classof54gal, I completely agree. That's why I posted this. People either don't know or don't seem to remember that other people gave their lives to secure rights for workers. Now it's becoming commonplace to hire "temporary" workers for just short of the hours that would require the employer to pay the agreed pay scale and benefits. It's a sad way to do business - and short-sighted, to say the least. - im my opinion.


Sadly, PM, Labor Day isn't celebrated by workers, the way it used to be. All of the businesses stay open and at least half of the "workers" are working on this day, just trying to make ends meet. I didn't intend to make a political statement either but workers are being almost demonized these days and it's really disheartening. Carole


Thank you, PLG and Pumpkinhead.

ClassGal, I completely agree with you about abuses in the unions. No doubt about that. But breaking that model of solidarity down to see workers as individual units of production has led to such a great dehumanizing of masses of people.

Regardless of my own thoughts and feelings, I didn't mean to post this as a political statement - but simply as a reminder of the history of this holiday. :)


We have much to thank those who fought for workers' rights. A poignant puzzle.


My dad was a union plumber, my husband was a union carpenter. My husband and I incorporated a construction company in 1975 and for 25 years we built retail leasehold improvements in enclosed malls for national chains. This work started out as all union work; malls were built by large union companies; you had to be a union contractor to do any work in these facilities. Then, Ronald Reagan started busting unions. The work went non-union and the quality of workmanship tanked. The quality workers were trained by union apprentice programs. We chose early retirement because we made more money when we didn't have to compete with the non-union fly-by-night operators who began to be allowed into malls. Sad. I do think a lot of the unions could be faulted for some of the things that happened but they have to make a comeback if the middle class is to survive.


Thank you, Potatomum! I love this old photo. I won't forget!


Thank you, Morinda. We've forgotten a lot of our own history, unfortunately.


Have not ever heard anyone mention that before. Thank you.