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Our Heroes In BIIIIIG TROUBLE!.....

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Sleep well, Juneee I think you are rather safe - perhaps!!


I regret to say that Juneeeeee has disappeared....again.......she seems to have a habit of wandering off....mind you, I did have to go for my tea......
double-batter......I don't know about soup, but I had a nibble of one of them, and it tasted a bit salty......


think about it, I was last seen when Lela was heading my way with a weapon. We only have his word for it that I am not dead. Oh dear fell asleep in my chair again time for bed


Lela's timing could not be better then. Just be sure all those little tiny wee greenies are done in or they might multiply. Would they be good in soup?


But where is Juneeeeeeeeeee???


Jig I think you are looking through the haze left from my gasses!! Boy when uncle Adonis gets mad, he gets MAD!!!! Luckily my gasses helped to slow the green men down and uncle A went ape%#@*!!!! Hippolytus ducked just as that rocket took off and cleaned out most of the flying saucers!!
Lela has arrived at the battlefield and we have avoided big trouble....AGAIN!!!


I have now arrived at the place where I have come to, and before me lies a scene of desolation.....the ground is littered with the bodies of exceedingly-small-very-little-green-men.......apparently uncle Adonis got VERY angry, lashing out at the green 'small-persons' until he had single-handedly vanquished them all.....
The moral of course being - "Don't mess with the Bugosis"......


Bubba looks to be entirely too happy (like a baby smiling after releasing gas). And Dr.Adonis has that clenched fist look. Best stay with the pastry cart Lela.


Where is that rabbit hole big enough for three??


You don't look too good Bubba. How did you get those abrasions on your face?


Well.....if it's not one thing, it's another......
The good news is that Bubba has finally deflated, and managed to join uncle Adonis and Hippolytus on the surface of 'The Planet Of wimmen'......The bad news is that they are being chased by creepylittleoldgranny's army of flying saucer-thingies, manned by very-little-green-men......
I have been unable to intervene, as the action took place at 5 o'clock, which is tea-time for myself and my new friends.......One of the saucers has crashed, however, probably due to some sort of chemical reaction with Bubba's gasses as he deflated prior to landing......
I'm wondering if I should put an end to my 5 o'clock tea and cakes.......