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Four Kaleidoscopes Small Size

49 pieces
83 solves
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Thanks to RandomWorship (Kirsten) I finally learned to resize :-)


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Hummingbird59 are more than welcome :-)

Ardy, glad you went ahead and tried it and had fun with it too :-))))))))

Mandy...... :-) I have been practicing away LOL :-))))))))

Mimi........why thank you very much :-)

PJ........glad you enjoyed them too :-)


Wonderful collection, Kathy. Love it.


Wow, just great! Thanks!


Well done Kathy - now remember that practice makes perfect.... and I don't mean this isn't perfect, but that in 3 or 4 weeks, if you are anything like me, you might forget what you learnt, unless you practice it... so more puzzles please!! LOL!!


Beautiful grouping, Kathy. After reading the comments I almost decided not to try it but I'm glad I did and didn't find it all that difficult. Thanks. I think Kirsten is a great teacher too. I imagine I'm the other one she referred to in her comment to you.


I agree--they're gorgeous! Really, really wonderful foursome--thanks, Kathy!


Octomom, I can be quiet the challenge to teach something and Kirsten did a wonderful job at helping me out. I had never tried to resize before and really didn't fully understand the concept. Glad you liked and ejoyed the end result :-)))))))))


Kirsten, yep I found it a bit on the challenging side too LOL I will have to learn to to use different colors for each square. The kaleidos I used were all from the same image, just different versions, which makes it hard to tell what piece goes where. But the overall effect was colorful. You did well are right at the top of the board.


WoW...what kinda work went into these? Think I see my grapefruit, all of them are wonderful.


Kirsten is a fantabulous teacher, isn't she? You learned well, Kathy. This is stunning. Thanks.


And I pronounce it GORGEOUS!!!!

A smidge tough, but GORGEOUS!!!! And lovely BIG pieces!! okay, gonna stop yelling now.

IT'S FANTASTIC!!! oops. lol


You did it!!! I had to leave this message before I solved it, 'cos I'm so excited!!

And I just noticed what you wrote in the description, Kathy. You're too kind. And like I said to someone else recently, I just suggested a tool/method. You did the rest!! I can't wait to do this one, and the other small one you posted. Yippee!! I'll leave you another comment when I've finished, to let you know what I think of it, but I can tell from the thumbnail, that I'm going to LOVE it!!