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March Boxes--Small, But Full Of Presents For Stefan! Happy Birthday!

49 pieces
68 solves
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Thanks, Francine! You just have to get your mojo back... :-)))


Pat, this was fun ~ great design. Thanks. [not solving many puzzles and am soooo rusty = 3:28!!]


Thanks, Ardy--I'm sure Stefan understands how much we love Jigidi and appreciate his efforts! #3 cheers for Stefan! :-)))


Great puzzle, Pat. I hope the boxes are also packed with all our best wishes and thanks to Stefan. Happy birthday, one again, Stefan. Hope it has been a great day for you. Thanks, Pat. Such lovely, colorful boxes are always so handy.


Thanks, Mandy and Lela--I hope he enjoys them as much as we all enjoy Jigidi! And I hope you did, Lela, because I intend to check! :-)))


Happy Birthday, Stefan (3rd.time so far)!......
I had a look at the presents, but put them all back.....I swear!.........


Lovely boxes Pat - I am sure Stefan will have a great time opening them all up!!


Thanks, Francine--I hope you enjoy it whenever you get the chance! :-))


Happy Birthday, Stefan. Wishing you a great day.

Pat, love your boxes and colours. Sadly, am bookmarking it for this evening ~ one of those errand days.


Thanks, Edie and Katie (you snuck your comment in there while I was typing, Edie!)! And thanks for helping celebrate Stefan--and Jigidi--today! :-)))


An excellent gift idea Pat! Happy birthday Stefan!


Thanks so much, Rosie, and Ank. This was going to be a fly--it's that double mirror and copy, just not imploded--but I liked it better than my original Paint puzzle, which is just the single set of odd boxes. So I decided to go with it as my straight puzzle instead of the Paint one. Sorry! Maybe you could think of this as the Straighten Up And Fly Right Fly?!!!!! :-)))


Fun one Pat. Love the design. Solved it just like a fly only squared off. Thanks


Lovely pat, Stefan will be happy with it. Happy Birthday again.


Top of the board for a few minutes. Won't last long with the crowd that follows. I'm always late coming to your puzzles but couldn't sleep so--------did what everyone else does---came back to Jigidi and found you were starting posting your puzzles. No flies this morning---- i'm sad. Rosie